Metamorphosis – Prophetic Art, Word, and Poetry

This is my most recent painting, capturing what God is speaking to me about the metamorphic process we’ve been going through.

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This is my most recent painting, capturing what God is speaking to me about the metamorphic process we’ve been going through. Be thankful for the dark times now coming to pass as we emerge into the new thing He is calling us into.

Watch for the full story!

In my fear, You tell me to rest
For You’ve called my feet to this place
Surrounded by the dark, I trust Your process
Even when I can no longer see Your face
Another storm rumbles, shaking the earth
As I remain blind from a lack of light
Here I stay low, say connected
Finding Your presence when I don’t have my sight
The pressure increases as something breaks within me—
A bright flash of lightning streaks across the air
In the moment of a gasping breath, I realize
Who I am, and why You called me here
Breaking forth in a thunderous roar
Free from the shell surrounding me
My sight is restored and I finally see
Shining from the light of my full identity
Ceasing the storm, I rise
Thankful for it all, with eyes lifted high
Now hearing You call to me once again—
And in one leap, I take off to the sky.
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Featured Image by Alex Mihis
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About the Author

Hello, my name is Sarah Camille Soltani Icely. I have been an artist since I can remember; always drawing and painting in my free time. Once I knew how to write, I began to journal and soon found a passion for poetry. I have always loved and believed in Jesus, but it wasn’t until my late teens/early twenties that I truly started to know Holy Spirit. This is where I say my true walk with God began. 
After this time, I began to hear the Spirit through my paintings, and the things I heard and felt in these times later became the poems I wrote to take people deeper into the meaning of each art piece. Painting is how I worship my Creator; Not only because He is the one who blessed me with these gifts, but because He is the love of my life; the one who gives me strength in every storm I face. In these times of painting and writing, where He speaks to me so deeply, my biggest hope is that my art can be used to bring others the same encouragement, faith, hope, truth, and love that this time with Him brings to me.