Merry Christmas from Kingdom Winds

A special message from Gary and Elizabeth Suess. From our home to yours, we bless you this Christmas Day!

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Merry Christmas

from Kingdom Winds


In a time when everything seems to have changed, we find great comfort that what really matters has not changed at all. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (CSB)

Jesus still meets humanity in humble ways. He does not need our pomp and ceremony—only a willing heart open to Him. As Mary opened herself to God’s hand upon her life, we are able to do the same every day of our lives.

Similarly, as we look at the chaos in our world we are reminded that the enemy is doing what he always does—steal, kill, and destroy. Thankfully all his antics are like a flame on a grain of sand to our magnificent and powerful God.

What is key to remember, especially this season, is to keep our eyes upon Jesus. Just as Mary and Joseph allowed the shepherd’s eyes to gaze upon Him soon after His birth, Jesus has made a way for us to be in His presence now and forever.

Surely this gives us great reason to celebrate. 

We pray today and every day your heart and home are filled with the presence, peace, and joy of Jesus.

Merry Christmas,

Gary and Elizabeth Suess







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