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Todd White is a man on fire. He’s like a torch blazing its way through the deep, dark night to light other torches along the way.

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Todd White is a man on fire. He’s like a torch blazing its way through the deep, dark night to light other torches along the way. He is a motivational speaker, healer, and teacher. He’s been called a “modern-day street preacher,” but more than that, he seems to remind people of the prophets of old. Those fiery men who unashamedly spoke of God without fear, without hesitation, without anything in their hearts but fierce love. Not to mention, he looks oddly similar to what most people think John the Baptist looked like. Todd White is a man of radical love.

For twenty-two years, White had lived as an atheist. Addicted to drugs, he filled his life with abuse and bad choices. In 2004, he was considering ending his life when Jesus found him. He learned to surrender fully to Jesus and open up his heart to change. Over time and through obedience, White became a new man. The love of Jesus was growing stronger and stronger within him.

His life went from extreme chaos to a peaceful surrender. He married his girlfriend and turned his family life around. He began telling people about the power of Jesus and what He had done in his life. Not only were people encountering Jesus personally through White’s testimony, but they began to be healed. He began praying for people’s healing and continued doing so despite any hiccup or strange experience. Like building a muscle, he learned that with much use, your prayer life could be extremely powerful. The Holy Spirit began flowing through White, and he let the Lord use him to heal the broken, hurting, and those held in bondage.

In 2014, Todd White began Lifestyle Christianity behind the mission, “Bringing Christians closer to Christ. Securing our identity in our Father’s love. Strengthening our confidence in the Holy Spirit. Keeping it simple so He can flow through us everywhere that we go!” A huge burden on White’s heart is helping Christians walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. This vision runs deeply through everything that White does in his ministry. The Lord said to him, “Todd, I’ve called you to bring Christians to Christ.” Through Lifestyle Christianity, he has a school of Power and Love that travels the globe. If you’re curious and would like to attend, please take a look at the calendar here.

In a video, sharing the experience of the school, Todd White said:

When people come to Power and Love, and we talk about their identity, and who they are, and [who] God says they are; the byproduct of that is the miraculous. It is so amazing to see people for the first time that have never prayed for the sick, pray for the sick, and all of a sudden, the sick recover.

At these schools, people learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick. They believe what Jesus says in John 14:12 (NIV), “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” By believing that through the Holy Spirit they can do what Jesus did, and even greater things, they step out in faith to see the miraculous. Their hands become the hands of Jesus. More than that, though, they learn who they are in Jesus. They hear how loved and valued they are from a man who experienced a radical transformation and came out on the other side, understanding the new identity God had given him. White helps people just like you and me walk in that understanding, too. Listen here to several testimonies from everyday people who have laid hands on the sick and seen them healed through the power of Jesus after attending Power and Love.

The Lord uses Todd White every day to help people walk in the truth of their identity. It is a powerful message and one that every follower should hear. If you want to hear more from White, please check out his podcast or his YouTube channel.



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