Loving the Lord’s Bride

It has become too easy to assume a hipster-like faith and mock segments of the Church with whom we might disagree or even dislike.

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Within the first few months of becoming pastors, Jan and I got to drive across Montana with the prophet Dick Mills. It was a unique opportunity to spend time with a man of deep prophetic revelation. As we drove through the night, I listened to the seasoned prophet wanting to soak into my soul something I desired but did not know how to gain at the time. Over the next 30 years, Dick would prophesy over Jan and me on several occasions. We still have those words in printed form and refer to them from time to time. 

As we drove into the night, Dick mentioned a conversation he had with a young pastor. It was a father-son kind of conversation. The pastor Dick referenced led a historic Pentecostal church, so it was surprising when he began mocking some of the demonstrations of faith manifested by charismatics – demonstrations that were prevalent in some circles of the Pentecostal church in the late 70s and early 80s. When the pastor was done making his mocking comments, Dick said, “You don’t get to make fun of God’s charismatics. He loves them.” As soon as Dick spoke, the pastor repented which revealed the true character of his heart.

Somewhere outside of Great Falls, Montana that night 41 years ago the conversation shifted to another subject, but Dick’s statement about loving the Church, in all her unique forms and manifestations, stuck in my heart.

Today, it has become too easy to assume a hipster-like faith and mock segments of the Church with whom we might disagree or even dislike. That disdain, if not dealt with, can become spiritual cancer in our soul causing us to hate what God loves. It is never wise to mock the Bride of Christ. Jesus paid the greatest price for His beloved and those who disdain, demean, and mock her have put themselves in a place of great personal jeopardy. 


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