Love Without Expecting Anything in Return

Not one of us deserves the kind of love God gives.

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Loving those who are lovable is easy!  But, how do we love those who have mistreated us?  Loving people unconditionally is a special kind of love–God’s love.  This kind of love will enable you to love without expecting someone to reciprocate. This love flows from Agape love, God’s pure love.  

  • This love will make you go the extra mile, and not even notice.  
  • This love will not even see the other person’s fault, because we see through His eyes, not our own.  
  • This love is supernatural.  
  • This love keeps no record of wrongs.

Natural, conditional, love reminds us of what they did wrong and keeps rehearsing the hurt over and over in our head.   Counteract that torment and keep loving those who don’t deserve it.  Not one of us deserves the kind of love God gives.  Here’s how to counteract:

  • Reach out to someone who has mistreated you, and watch their heart change.  
  • Speak kindly to that one who may have spread lies about you.  
  • Give kindness away, and it will return back to you.  
  • Release the one who has stolen from you, and let God change them.  

Your reward will be great. Loving without any expectations releases that abundance of blessing to us.  

I am not saying to position yourself in an abusive situation.  I am talking about that co-worker who’s always running to the boss about you, without a good reason.  I am referring to that friend, brother or sister, who wanted to hurt you, because of the hurt in their own heart.  Those who are in pain, inflict pain.  

This supernatural, God kind of love, is what took Jesus to the cross.  He paid a debt, we couldn’t pay.  He gave His life, so we could have ours.  His blood was shed for us, and for anyone who has ever hurt us.  

When we release that hurt, we release that person.  When we release them, we free ourselves to love and, once again, receive love.  Receiving Him enables us to release others.  In receiving Him, we receive a command to bless. 

Don’t let the hole in your heart keep you from being made whole.  His guiding hand and heart will help us in our hurts. “You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory.”  (Psalm 73: 24)  Positioning ourselves before Him fills in that hole.

“God doesn’t fill our holes with answers or solutions.  He fills the holes with Himself.”  (Jennifer Rothschild)





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