Love is the Key to Achieving Unity

The division between believers severely hinders our message and our ministry to the unbelieving world.

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I see it everywhere lately—the division between believers, that is.

I saw it when Beth Moore left the SBC, saying she no longer feels at home in the denomination that once saved her life.  I saw it when John MacArthur told her to “go home.”

We judged her, and we judged him.

Then, I saw it when vaccinations became available.

Franklin Graham said he’s getting it because he wants to live a long life, and Bennie Johnson has made it clear that she won’t go near the thing.

We judged her, and we judged him.

I saw it when the elections came and went and when Meghan and Harry stepped away from the Monarchy.

I see it in my everyday life when I get judged or judge someone else about what church someone goes to, what denomination they are a part of, or what ministries they follow.  We even judge people on what they eat, where they live, how much they exercise, if they wear a mask outside or not, or what they do in their spare time!

Here’s the thing: when believers begin to judge other believers on their opinions or preferences, they take on a role that only belongs to Jesus, and it causes great division.  The division between believers severely hinders our message and our ministry to the unbelieving world, which is a problem.  The only solution I can see to this problem is love.

Love is the key to achieving unity in a diverse world.

Walking in love and serving God by walking this way pleases God and earns the respect of others.  Offering an open hand of fellowship to other believers even though their faith might be weak or immature, and accepting one another just as God has entirely accepted us, will bring glory to Him and unity to the church.  We are obligated as believers to walk in love and not put our preferences above love’s calling to be kind and honor others.

Christians, stop being critical of and condemning other believers. This creates division and severely hinders our message and our ministry to the unbelieving world.

Our world today desperately needs unified Christians that love people!


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