Love Has Won

We shall bear the fruit of Christ and let love create a refuge for souls who are weary of war.

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I’ve seen the end of this cultural chaos in the spirit. The good news is Love has won!

Tonight In the spirit, I saw a man being pushed off a pedestal. I was told by the Holy Spirit it is the anti-Christ spirit being dethroned by truth. Anti-Christ character, behaviors, pursuits, heart posture, and lifestyles have for too long been idolized and falsely glamorized to be attractive to the world. Promising life but yielding death.

Through tribulations and working it all for good, God is shining a light on the reality of death and destruction being the fruit of wickedness. What was admired, even desired in the lust of the flesh, will be hated because many will see it leads to destruction only and hearts will desire change. 

Jesus will bring this truth and draw whom he desires to draw! And He will draw more in one season than many past centuries combined. 

I heard concerning a body of people operating in an antichrist spirit and moment, 

“They crave lawlessness, and they will have its reward. When their children suffer from their wicked desires,  they will no longer cry for such wickedness, turn from their ways, and I will heal their brokenness through love…

They will look to those who love one another, in their hearts are saying, ‘truly these are the Children of God, look how they love and have peace with one another’ to seek the source of such a love and we will testify of Our Father!

People’s hearts are being polarized. Meaning, they will have to love one master and hate the other. Good or evil, light or dark, love or hate, and because the world grows dim with ungodliness, eventually having to choose Christ or culture(which is rapidly becoming Antichrist). 

After much loss and pain outside of Christ, after the season of seeking selfish gratification, honoring one’s self above another, getting wicked hunger satisfied and bellies filled with rot that does not satisfy, they will have a prodigal son moment and realize getting what they want was not enough, and they’ll start looking for what they need! Realizing love for God (and one another) is life.

And there we’ll be, bearing the fruit of Jesus with open arms, pointing to the cross, introducing them to their father and who once was stony-hearted will melt by the love of God. 

Yes! We shall bear the fruit of Christ and let love create a refuge for souls who are weary of war.

And in a swift season, even many of those who are against us, won by love, will rush to destroy satanic monuments (spirit and physical), and together, we’ll tear down every idol, starting in the church. 

Then the fear of the Lord returns first to the church, then the world. As the world stands in awe and wonder at how the church is strong, the sick are healed, the dead are raised, brother and sister of all color and race are in harmony, we’ll give glory together to THE I AM. There in that time, the heaven that was inevitable becomes imminent on earth. 

We will see with our eyes, in this time, a three-word victory overtakes the earth… LOVE HAS WON!


Written by Thomas Griffin



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