Look for the Little Cloud!

I think of newspapers and TV stations reporting God’s miracles, of Jesus becoming the center of attention within entire cultures.

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Years ago, God highlighted the story of Elijah to me with supernatural rain in my house and other signs. Elijah heard a word from God and declared it as a fact when there was no natural sign of it. Then he sent his servant seven times to look for rain. Finally, the seventh time when his servant saw a little cloud the size of a man’s hand coming out of the sea, Elijah said “Go down before the rain stops you!”

I feel like the Holy Spirit is applying this scripture passage to the topic of revival right now. When I think of revival, I think of everybody’s attention being seized by an awareness of God’s presence and of the gospel. I’ve read many testimonies of revival and I’ve had a taste of it. I think of loud weeping and wailing turning to laughter and even businesses and schools halting their activity because the Holy Spirit is grabbing a hold of men’s hearts. I think of masses of people deciding they don’t want to live their own sinful, selfish lives anymore, but they want to receive Jesus’s life. I think of newspapers and TV stations reporting God’s miracles, of Jesus becoming the center of attention within entire cultures.

Many times we have looked to political solutions to the corruption and evil that has raised its head, but nothing will solve the problems we face if men don’t come to repentance. We need to see people’s hearts transformed. There’s a story from the Welsh revival where the defendant in a court case cried out “I’m guilty,” the judge preached the gospel to him, and the jury sang a hymn to close. I am praying for such a work of the Holy Spirit in men’s hearts that even high profile corrupt officials would begin to cry out “I’m guilty!” confess their wrongs, and find peace in Christ’s forgiveness and redemption.


Rumblings of Revival

Some of my friends began to do online zoom meetings or share the gospel through TikTok during the worldwide lockdowns, and they reported they were seeing more salvations than they ever had in their lives. People were being brought to a point of decision, looking for hope. Then we heard of baptisms on the street during Sean Feucht’s worship events. Recently, Mario Murillo has been reporting on rumbling’s of revival.

Hundreds of people have been saved every night during his tent meetings in Bakersfield, California. They are also seeing Jesus glorified through healing miracles. Mario reports that more than once, people were already crying out loud under the Holy Spirit’s conviction as he was just beginning the meeting with announcements, and he had to pause and give them the opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

Mario says “I want you to understand that if we had the workers…if we had the opportunity, we could harvest the entire central valley of California in a matter of weeks…because that’s how acute the hunger of God is.” They are seeing gangsters, business people, the rich and poor born again.

Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Will you get to work laborer in God’s harvest? Will you speak up and share the gospel will people who need hope? Will you let Jesus weep through you for the lost? Guys God’s river is raging, He is moving, so let’s jump in and be a part of it!

Yesterday I went to church with my wife and I heard the sound of weeping and wailing as the speaker talked about God’s love. I’ve heard that sound before, followed by laughter as people experienced the joy of reconciliation with God. It is the sound of revival. I only heard that sound coming from a few people yesterday, but I recognized it. And I know from ministering healing to people-when that person starts feeling heat, starts feeling the pain melt away, any manifestation, you start jumping and hollering and yelling “Thank you, Jesus! God is healing you!” And that is also the appropriate way to respond when you start hearing the weeping and wailing coming from even just one person, “Thank you, Jesus! Revival is here! It’s here!” Because when you rejoice like that you are joining your agreement to what God is doing and it starts multiplying. Guys, I’m seeing a small cloud coming out of the sea and it’s gonna rain!


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