Like the Moon

Through the fire you call my name
Giving me the strength to rise once again
And find my way through the flame.

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Broken, but still standing through this night

The embers from the fire still sear my skin

But the burn brings a nice distraction

From this constant pain I’m walking in.


Through Rebuilding ancient ruins

Piece by piece, and wall by wall

Visiting past wounds and battle scars

Open and bleeding, but at least I’m still standing tall.


Because I know You’ve led me here

And You are with me through it all

I may be screaming in the pain of it

But I’m done running from Your constant call.


In the darkest part of this night

I know You’ve led me right to this place

Into the very depths of who I am

Right to the demons I have to face.


And here the Devil takes another strike

My legs beneath me start to shake

Hope is fading fast tonight

and I don’t know how much more I can take.


I feel lostbut it’s here I find you

Through the fire You call my name

Giving me the strength to rise once again

And find my way through the flame.


Now in the embers of who I’ve been,

I’m standing in who I am

For who I am has always been about You

Daughter of the Great I Am.


In learning to rest in my identity,

No longer running from the darkness that comes so soon

But finding who I am being Your very light,

I will shine through the night like the moon.


Written by Sarah Camille Soltani Icely




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In-text Images by Shanen Soltani Icely

Featured Image by Hunter Newton

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