Let Go Now: An Inspiring Prophetic Worship Moment

Watch an amazing spontaneous worship moment with Ramey Wilson and Word Alive International Outreach that brings hope and inspiration in the midst of COVID-19 Pandemic.

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As we sit in this time of pause induced by the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of us find ourselves in deep reflection about our world, our lives, and what God is doing. Interestingly, prophets from around the globe are seeing and hearing very similar things.

Many see this time as a “Divine Pause” with reason for great hope as a new dawn lies ahead. Many have been led to draw parallels to the Old Testament, seeing the current period as a modern-day Passover and a time to cross-over much like the Israelites heading into the promised land.

Last week, Glory of Zion International Ministries, led by Chuck Pierce, hosted a socially-distanced and virtual event called Passover 5780: Roaring as You Cross Over. Speaker after speaker, prophet after prophet, independently shared insight and revelation that were all in close alignment.

During a session led by Kent Mattox and Word Alive International Outreach on Saturday, some amazing prophetic worship broke out. Specifically, as Ramey Whalen led Let Go Now, a song written by Jacksonville-based Christian singer-songwriter Kelanie Gloeckler, she flowed into spontaneous worship that offered hope, encouragement, and inspiration for breakthrough.

We were so moved, we wanted to share this worship session that was aired again as part of Word Alive’s Sunday evening online event—A Selah Moment. Kent, himself commented, “We got into a place of worship that was phenomenal and the message we really felt like the Holy Spirit inspired. When they played it at Chuck’s, the heaven’s opened and torrential rains came, and an anointing filled the place.” We agree.

You can see more from Glory of Zion here.

You can learn more about Kelanie Gloeckler at Kelanie.com. She is also the founder of Access Worship International, a ministry devoted to equipping worship leaders.

For those interested, here is the entire A SELAH MOMENT event, including a message from Kent Mattox, prayer, and more worship.

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