Kingdom Winds Collective Application Form

Apply to Join the Kingdom Winds Collective


Member Qualification

Kingdom Winds Collective is a formal alliance of Christian creatives and ministries. The anticipated content contribution is an important aspect; therefore, acceptance into the Kingdom Winds Collective involves a subjective review of your creative works. We consider previously published works such as books, albums, and films as very significant qualifiers in the evaluation process; however, this is not a qualification prerequisite. We are actively accepting applications of talented creatives, from well-established to emerging authors, artists, artisans, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, and ministries.

Membership Requirements

1. KW Collective Membership Agreement Acceptance
2. Apostles Creed Acknowledgement
3. Stripe Connect Sign-up for Store Operation
4. $1 Annual Membership Fee for the first two years*

* In order to help cover a small portion of our operational and marketing costs, membership in the Kingdom Winds Collective may entail a higher membership fee after two years. This will be fully disclosed in advance and members can cancel membership at any time. We pledge that we will never “stick” you with a fee.

**Please note that we will consider the approval of acknowledgments subject to stated exceptions that we deem to be inconsequential.