Kingdom Winds Collective Member Anniversary Reflections

Collective Member thoughts and reflections as we celebrate the anniversary of 

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Sharing some thoughts and reflections from our Kingdom Winds Collective Members as we celebrate the anniversary of

Kingdom Winds has completely changed my writing career. Not only have you all given me confidence in my writing but also confirmed a calling God has placed on my life. I will forever be thankful for this publishing community! Your obedience has led to hundreds of others being obedient. Thank you all for being so encouraging, supportive, and reassuring to writers like myself! So much love for y’all! —Bethani Cramer

I’m waiting for (and speaking into existence) an annual Kingdom Winds Conference that will bless the Kingdom of God with dynamic speakers, praise & worship, breakout sessions to feed spiritual gifts, leadership sessions and much more! Eyes have not seen nor ears have heard what God will do in and through the Kingdom Winds Collective!!!  —Antonwaun Johnson

The first thing I would say about Kingdom Winds is that I feel in my spirit an integrity with them. KW is for real. Their mission is truly about the Kingdom of God. I know I will never worry about them ever taking advantage of anyone. Their heart is in step with God’s. It is a privilege to work with them.

I don’t know my start date with them; it’s been a few months I know. I feel like I have been treated as a very important writer (VIW). Both Gary and Beth have been so easy to work with. The editors, Becca, Kassi, and Rachael have been amazing!

Kingdom Winds is a tool God is using to bring about the Good News, discipleship, financial blessings, and more! I personally have been able to publicize my own work as a writer and craftsman. Not to mention meeting a few others like myself.

I pray that God will always be the center of KW’s existence. I pray Jesus will use this organization to project His love to the world. I thank the Father for such a place as this! I thank Him for people like the Suesses and their commitment to God’s Kingdom

Thank you, Kingdom Winds, for what you are doing for myself, the other members, and, most of all, the Kingdom! —Matt Davenport 

I am very honored to know and acquaint myself with Kingdom Winds. I thank God for the connection and for allowing me to be a part of something great. You have been a blessing to my life. —Yvonne Britt

I feel totally supported and encouraged by the Kingdom Winds team. I’ve never had such personalized feedback. It is clear you want to see God’s Kingdom grown through the gifts of others. We are blessed!  —Tatyana Claytor 

Every single person I have come into contact with on the Kingdom Winds team has been incredible to work with. I believe that God is using and will continue to use KW in a very powerful way. I have personally been blessed, and I know others have, too! I am so thankful for this group!  —Brandie Muncaster 

Kingdom Winds has been a crucial partner in my step out to write (which coincidentally happened about a year ago too). Not only is everyone constructively supportive but they are amazing with their encouragement. Instead of feeling like I am on my own blogging and writing, I feel like I have a band of brothers and sisters in the ministry who are there to lift me up and speak life over what I am doing. —Tim Ferrara


Please also read a special One Year Anniversary message from Gary and Beth Suess, Co-Founders of Kingdom Winds and the Kingdom Winds Collective. 


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