Kingdom Kids: My Top 5 Favorite Kid-Friendly Pets

You need lots of things to take care of dogs, so don’t get a dog unless you are up for it!

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Today I will be telling you my top 5 favorite pets. I have 10 pets in all. I love all of them so this will be hard. I’m sharing this today because they would be great pets for you to have too.  Anyway, let’s get started!

1. Painted Turtle

Bingo is my baby painted turtle that I love. He is super cute and super funny. This makes him my favorite pet.

To raise a painted turtle, you will need a tank, filter, UV light, food, and any accessories you want.  We also have a heater for our tank.  Your tank needs to hold ten gallons of water for every inch long the turtle’s shell is.

2. Puppy

We have three dogs. Iris is a beagle puppy. She’s almost as big as her mom now, but she still comes in second-place.  Puppies are lots of work, but they are great pets!

3. Rabbit

I got my rabbit peanut in February 2020 when she was still tiny. Now she will bite at times, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still adore her! I mean, she did come in third place!

Rabbits are pretty easy pets.  You need a large cage, rabbit food, a bowl or bottle for water, and a food bowl.  If you don’t want fur everywhere, I recommend a brush.  That’s about it!  They are fun!

4. Dogs

Our older two dogs are Clover and Rubble.  Clover is Iris’ mom. She is pretty, smart, and cute. Once we lost her for 3 days (I think. maybe a little less or a little more.)  Anyway, she was just fine when we found her.

Rubble is the brother of Clover. He is just a big baby.  We named Rubble after the pup in Paw Patrol.

You need lots of things to take care of dogs, so don’t get a dog unless you are up for it!

5. Chickens

You need a water bowl, chicken coup, food, and a place for them to lay eggs.  They also like a perch where they can sleep in the night.


I hope you like this list of fun pet ideas!

Sorry to my quail. You didn’t make it but I still love you.



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