Kingdom Kids: Stop That Fighting!

“Our Bible study this morning was about kindness! Did you already forget?”

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Dad raced upstairs to find James on top of Sydney. He was slapping her.

Dad got them off of each other and said, “Do you two want to go back to kindergarten? This is how two-year-olds act! Our Bible study this morning was about kindness! Did you already forget?”

James spoke up and said, “She started it . . .  I was just watching my show and she said, my turn.”

Then Sydney said, “He was on it for an hour!”

“Proverbs 11:17 says a kind man benefits himself, and a cruel man hurts himself. It means when you are kind you get a reward, but when you are not kind you get some sort of punishment,” Dad said.

“Like what?” Sydney asked.

“Like a time out or just feeling guilty,” Dad said.

“That is true,” said Jamie.

“Okay, no more fighting!” said Dad.

“Hey,” said Jamie, “wanna watch a movie with me?”


As you can see, kindness is very important.  When you are kind to others, you will have more peace.  You will make friends.  Your life at home will be better.  Try to remember this the next time you feel yourself getting angry.




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