Kingdom Kids: 5 Books to Buy for a 10-Year-Old

Bekah shares her favorite books.

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Are you looking for books to buy for a 10-year-old?  Check out this list of five popular books kids this age are reading:

1. Wings of Fire Series

In this thrilling series of books, adventure awaits at every turn. This is a popular series about dragons!  If your child loves adventure, this is for you!

2. Jiffpom

Jiffpom is a book about a cute puppy. It’s a short book that has quizzes, activities, and stickers! There’s even a selfie class!

3. Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a book where you write in a noun, verb, animal, celebrity, etc.  Then you read it and it usually sounds silly!

4. Graphic Novels

I really like just reading the little bubbles. These books are kind of like picture books for older kids.  Most kids love graphic novels.

5. Notebooks!

You might be like, “I have heard of all the other books but what are Notebooks?”

And I say, “No! Real notebooks, silly!” I love them because you can make your own stories in them and be creative and use them for school – I could go on all day.


I hope this list helps you shop for the kids in your life!




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