Kingdom Kids: 5 Tips to Help You Learn How to Swim

It’s important to learn with someone who can help you.

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Do you want to learn how to swim? Here are five tips to help you learn!

1. Ask an adult

A grownup will properly help you learn how to swim.  It’s important to learn with someone who can help you.

2. Go to a class

Go to a swimming class and get taught how to swim and do cool tricks!

3. Ask a friend

If you have a friend that already knows how to swim, ask them to help!

4. Practice

Have you ever heard the term, “practice makes perfect”? Now you get where I’m going. Yes, it really does!

5. Try a swimming vest

Use a vest to help you float while you swim around. After you feel more comfortable, take it off!

I hope this helps you learn how to swim!  Summer is coming!



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