Kingdom Kids: 5 Ways to Draw Really Cool Eyes

Let Bekah take you on a mini-art lesson.

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Do you want to learn how to make really cool eyes when you are drawing people or animals?   You are in the right place!  I love drawing and making eyes on the creatures I illustrate.  Here are five different ways to make eyes:



1. Bekah’s way

This is the way I use,  I like to leave a little space to show the color of the eye.  I also think this way is really cute!

2. Stick-man eyes

This way is very simple.  Just use dots. Use a black color. This is great for a little animating!

3. Sneaky eyes

Cute, yet simple. Just 2 lines then 2 droops. (It has become popular in my school)

4. Black twinkle

This is SO great for puppy eyes. Literally. Or a baby animal or baby human. These are just black circles with a blank part.

5. Just cute

These are also awesome for baby creatures. They are white with a curved black line in the middle. You just need to look at it the right way.


I hope you enjoyed this quick lesson!  Now you have some new ideas for your artwork!  Enjoy!



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