Kingdom Kids: The Day of Rest

Harper’s dad interrupted, “Have you ever read about how God made the earth?”

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Hi! Today our lesson is about why we rest on Sunday. Let’s get to it!

Harper was on her laptop when her dad knocked on the door.

“What?” she called

“I’m going to work. I have to get a lesson plan.”

“But it’s Saturday! Can’t you go tomorrow? I wanted to go to the park with you,” Harper called.

“Open the door and let me tell you about why I can’t go tomorrow.”

Harper opened the door and they both sat on Harper’s bed.

“So, the reason is that Sunday is a day of rest.”

“Why? I mean so is Satur . . .”

Harper’s dad interrupted, “Have you ever read about how God made the earth?”

“Umm . . . Ya, I mean I’m not four,” Harper said.

“Great,” Dad said, “Do you know what God made on the first day?”

Harper shrugged, “Ummm . . . should I? I mean, I know God made everything.  I just don’t know the order.”

“He made light. Do you know what he made the seventh day?”

By this time Harper was getting her Bible out.

“Hmm, it says God rested…. Wait, God can rest?”

“He can do anything, Harper,” Dad said, “A line from Exodus 20:8 says, ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God.’”

“Okay, Dad,” said Harper, “At least we can go to the park tomorrow.”

Dad smiled. “At least.”


As you can see, God set the example for us when he showed us the importance of resting one day a week.  You can choose to take a day of rest on Sunday or on a different day of the week if that works better for your family.  Set aside certain activities you really enjoy for your day of rest.  Think about putting away your electronics for the day (or part of the day).  This can help you rest and enjoy your family and friends.

Most of all, make your day of rest a day you look forward to!  Fill it with activities you love, and you will be rested when the day is over!



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