Kingdom Kids: Miracles Can Happen!

Ellie’s face was pink and her eyes were watery.

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Ellie came inside. She had been at school all day.

“Hi honey, how was your day?” Mom asked.

Ellie’s face was pink and her eyes were watery.

“I was trading my Pokemon-”

She started crying.

“I set them on t- th- the bench when I went inside the school to get my water. B- but when I came back ow- ow- out they were gone.”

She started sobbing.

“Well, do you know who took them?”  asked her mom.

“I looked b- but I don’t know! Maybe Max. I d- didn’t see h- h- him.”

Mom got her a tissue.

“Did you tell your teacher?”

“Y- yes,” said Ellie.

“What did she say?” asked her mom.

“She w- would look and keep an eye out.”

Just then, Mom suddenly got a call from the school. Mom picked up, and they told her they had found Ellie’s Pokemon!

“You know,” said her mom, “ this reminds me of a lesson in the Bible. Acts 4:30 says signs and wonders are performed through the name of Jesus. God can help you.  Just like that.  Just remember everything God does is for a reason.”

Ellie wiped her nose.

“Like he was probably trying to teach me about miracles.”

“Exactly. Tomorrow at school, you can get your Pokemon.”





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