Kingdom Kids: How to Be More Patient

Today try to be patient with someone in your life. It will make a big difference.

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This week’s devotional is about patience. During the pandemic, it’s been really hard for me to have patience with my little brother. But God wants us to be patient. So this hopefully will help all of us to have a little more patience this week. Let’s begin:

“JOHN!!!!! JOHN!!!!!” Sally yelled.

John didn’t pay attention.

“I wanna look through the  telescope!” Sally said.

John still would listen.

“SALLY!” Mom yelled, “Both of you come downstairs and get ready for bed!”

John got up. “Coming!” he yelled.

“WHAT!” Sally yelled, “I didn’t even get a turn!”

They both ran down the stairs.

“Mom,” Sally said, “John didn’t let me look through the telescope!”


Mom shook her head. “I think you both need to work on patience.  After all, it is a fruit of the spirit. God wants you to be patient. Sally, you need to wait your turn. You will get it eventually. Be patient with your brother.”

Sally looked at the floor. “Sorry,” she said.

“And John, don’t start yelling at poor Sally. Be patient with your little sister.”

John rolled his eyes.

“John?” Mom said.

“Sorry Sally,” he said.

“After you are ready Sally, you can go use the telescope,” Mom said.

“Okay I will try to be more patient,” Sally said.

“Ya me too,” said John.

“Good,” said mom, “God will be very happy with you two.”


As you see, God wants you to be patient. Sally was not being patient because she kept asking John for a turn. Later, John yelled at her and totally lost his cool….or should I say, patience. Today try to be patient with someone in your life. It will make a big difference. Until next time, Bye, and may God bless you today! As their mom said, patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit. You can find it in Galatians 5:22-23


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