Kingdom Kids: Grief Is Healthy

If you feel sad about something today, it’s healthy to cry.

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Hazel was crying in her room.  Again.

It had been three months since her aunt had died from Covid, but she missed her.

Hazel went downstairs.

“Mom…” said Hazel.

“Yes?” Mom asked.

“Do you think I’ll see aunt Sophi in heaven?”

Hazel wiped away tears. Mom smiled.

“I wouldn’t worry too much,” Mom said, “Your aunt loved Jesus. I’m sure you will see her again.”

Hazel tried to smile. “I know, but I wish she were here. I remember her getting ice cream with me, and… And…”

Hazel began to cry. Mom put her hand on Hazel’s back.

“It’s okay to cry. I cried a lot about it too. But one morning I opened my Bible and read Psalm 119:50. It says ‘My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.’”

Hazel smiled. “God is my comfort that brings me life. I’m gonna be sad but I’ll manage. Thanks, mom.”


If you feel sad about something today, it’s healthy to cry.  It’s also a good idea to talk to someone you trust.  Tell them how you feel.  Talking about sadness can help a lot too.  And remember this: God wants to bring you comfort when you are sad.

Tell him how you feel too.  Read the Bible and ask him to help you trust his promises.  Look around you for what is good in your life, even if it is very simple.  This can help you heal in your grief.



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