Kingdom Kids: Can I Have My Legos?

Mom said, “Looks like someone needs to work on their kindness.”

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Today’s devotion is about kindness. It is sometimes hard to have kindness in the pandemic, but it is very important to be kind. So let’s begin our devotion:

Isabella was playing with her dolls when Luke walked in.

“GET OUT!” she yelled.

Luke shushed her.

Isabella stood up and crossed her arms. “You better get out or you will get it!”

Luke backed up. “Yeash! I’m not here to fight! I’m just here to get my Legos that Mom stored under your bed.”

Isabella was only seven, but she was fierce. She stomped over to Luke and slapped him.

“OWW!” he yelped, “What was that for?”

He rubbed his arm where she hit it.

Isabella raced downstairs and shouted, “I’m telling Mom you won’t leave!”

Luke raced after her.

“MOM! Luke is not leaving my room!” Isabella yelled.

Mom looked at Luke.

“I just went in to get my Legos! Then she yelled at me and hit me!” Luke said.

Mom looked back at Isabella. “Is this true?” she asked.

Isabella looked at her feet. “Yes…”

Mom said, “Looks like someone needs to work on their kindness.”

Isabella started tearing up. “S-sorry.” she said.

“It’s fine, but remember Ephesians 4:32: Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, As God in Christ forgave you,” Mom reminded.

“I know Mom, But Luke always bugs me. I just want him to leave me alone.”

Luke stomped his foot.

“Kids. no fighting!  Go play…..and remember that verse!” Mom yelled (a little angrily).

Isabella sighed. “Okay Mom, if God wants me to be nice I will be. I’m sorry, but sometimes I just can’t hold it in.”

Mom smiled.  “Ya, I’m sorry too. I should have waited or explained better.  I’m glad God’s Word has helped you,  I need it to help me too” Mom said.

“It truly has,” replied Isabella.



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