Kingdom Kids: Bekah’s Top 5 Things to Be Thankful For

Learning to have a thankful heart.

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Hello!  Are there some things that aren’t going right in your life right now?  Being thankful will help you focus on what is good!  Let’s get started with a few simple ideas:

1. Family and friends

Who could be happy without family or friends? They are always there to talk to, goof off with, and spend time together.

2. Clothes

Ya, I don’t really want to walk around town naked…..

I am very thankful for clothes.

3. Food & water

I am thankful I can go down to my kitchen and grab a snack whenever or go get some water.

4. A house

It keeps me warm, safe, and dry. It plays a huge role in my life. Thank you house!

5. Pets

Last one. Thought I’d make it good. I mean, who doesn’t love their cute little eyes!? I mean, I love them!



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