Keys to Growing a Stronger Family

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. From the tiniest little feet to the grown man’s input.

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Family Meetings! That’s what’s on my heart right now! 

Oh, I know it’s nothing new under the sun to some of you and that many of you are already having family meetings, and that’s great. Three cheers for you!!! Way to go! I really mean that! But many, many families are not, and as a result, family life at home is in disarray, or there just isn’t order, and everyone is going on doing his or her own thing. One family member feels this about that, while another member feels like they’re just not being heard at all! Another one has just “checked out” completely! The list can go on and on!

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Everyone has a voice. And everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. From the tiniest little feet to the grown man’s input. We all want to be heard! Beginning Anywhere from Where You Are Is a Start to Something New! God meets you where you are!

I started out by saying, “Introduce the Family Meeting” to them. I know many of you added family meetings to your “thing to do” list, but how many of you are actually doing it?! I know we all have a lot going on, but change has to begin somewhere. Why not let it start with putting into practice family meetings?

It begins with Open with Prayer and someone keeping the notes of what we’ve discussed to have for later use to remember and to kindly hold someone accountable for what they said they would do in our previous meeting. And also to have a record in later years to reflect on to see how everyone has grown over the years.

If you would like to start family meetings in your home, the structure would look something like this, Open with Prayer.



No Shouting.

Only One Person Speaks at a Time.

How Can We Make Your Life Here with Us as a Family Member Better?

Talk It Out! Pray About EVERYTHING!!

Be Honest! Be For Real!

Any New Ideas to Offer to the Family to Help the Family Grow Stronger?


The End Results:

No Holding Grudges.

No Unforgiveness.

A Vow to Do Better and Talk to Someone If You’re Having Difficulty in Trying to Do Better in an Area.

Agree To Disagree at Times. And Maybe Discuss in a Different Arena. If Possible, Put on Hold Temporarily.

End With Prayer! Hugs and Kisses! And A “Hoorah” For Being a Stronger Family!!!

As you can see, it doesn’t have to take long. It takes as long as it takes; to become the family unit you want to see! But remember, to be in your Children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today!

Important side note: say to them, “you guys are getting older, and soon you will be out there with the real world, and we won’t be there to hold your hands as you make life choices, and it’s important to know what we as a family believe without any compromise; like Respect for yourself and for your fellow-man. No matter who or what, don’t compromise on your own values. We don’t “pick” fights. We “end” them! We recognize we are Influencers, so watch how you present yourself. We are Leaders who lead with discretion. We protect the weak. We carry The Word of God as Our Weapon!”

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and there is much I could have included, but you get the plan! There are so many ideas you can add to your list. Have fun with it! Kids really do like and need structure, and they love being a part of A Strong Family Unit! Grow Stronger Together!!!


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