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When God gives you revelation it is like a key that will unlock something for you or for others.

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Recently in a time of corporate prayer, the weighty presence and power of God filled the room. I continued to pray knowing the Lord would speak to me. Then the Lord spoke this to me, “Keys of revelation are coming to My people.” I am always excited but when the Lord said this, I became even more excited knowing what this prophetic word would mean for me and for so many in the body of Christ in this season.

I truly believe that God has given each believer a voice. For some that looks like using your literal voice. However, for others that looks like using your gifts, talents, abilities, resources, time or wisdom to advance the Kingdom of God. Whatever voice God has given you; you are supposed to use it! I believe that in this season God is releasing keys of revelation to those who are willing to use their voice to impact others. The keys of revelation God will give you are meant to unlock you to move forward in and steward what God has called you to do. Don’t miss out on your purpose in this season by missing those keys of revelation God is making available to you.

I have been blessed and honored to be used by God to release the revelation He gives me on many different platforms. I believe the Lord keeps opening doors for me to do this because I am willing to use the keys of revelation, He gives me and release them to others. The more we are willing to release the more God will give us. Don’t be like a stagnant pond with the revelation God shows you. Release it to others and let it flow like a river. When God gives you revelation it is like a key that will unlock something for you or for others. This is why we must be bold with the revelation God gives us and release it! We never know whose miracle or breakthrough could be unlocked by the key of revelation God gives to us.

In this season, go to the place of prayer expecting to hear from the Lord and receive fresh revelation. Many will spend time reading the Word and it will come alive to you like it is the first time you are reading it. You will receive keys of revelation through reading the Word, spending time in prayer, gleaning from voices God places in your life, and in leaning in to hear from the Holy Spirit in this season. These keys of revelation will unlock a whole new level of clarity and insight in your life. You will be able to unlock breakthroughs for yourself and others with the key insight and revelation you receive from the Lord. You are about to step into a whole new level of wisdom and understanding with God as you are given keys of revelation. Get yourself into position to receive them!



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