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What Heaven’s Justice has stamped, cannot–and will not–be brought back to the courts again! It IS a done deal!

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On July 14, as I sat, I began to hear a loud banging at a rapid pace. Just as I started to ask the Lord what I was hearing, I was taken into a vision.

Part One: Suddenly, I was standing in The Courtroom of Heaven. The loud banging was coming from The Judge slamming down the gavel. He wasn’t just hitting it down once, twice or three times, but continuously. The sound was echoing through the room but the echoes weren’t dying off; they only grew louder. I then noticed the gavel was not hitting the desk but something on it. I walked closer to look and saw a stack of papers. Each page had a person’s name at the top, under the name was a brief description of a circumstance, situation, relationship, etc.; all were unique to each name. Below that were paragraphs written but I couldn’t decipher what any of it said but had the understanding that it was the transcription of the conversation between the accused, the accuser, and the Judge. Then as the gavel slammed down on each page it stamped and embossed the page with the word “JUSTICE” in red ink. It was so large it covered the page.

This verdict stamp is irreversible, irrefutable, and absolutely final! What Heaven’s Justice has stamped, cannot–and will not–be brought back to the courts again! It IS a done deal! The inability to read the transcription spoke loudly in that at this moment of time, all the accusations and conversations about each person and circumstance doesn’t matter. The thing that does is what The Judge is doing with that person and situation. His Justice is hitting and finalizing these things, tying up and closing off the loose ends of the past; no matter what they are and they will be no longer!

Part Two: Everyone in The Courtroom was held at attention watching The Judge stamp all these papers. I then looked at Him and asked if I could see mine. He smiled, picked up my page, rolled it up, and handed it to the angel standing next to Him. I then followed the angel out a door to the side and began to walk down a massive corridor. It was bright with high, arched ceilings and open doors on both sides. I kept looking at my paper in the angel’s hand. I could see the ink through the paper but the only letters of the word I could make out were the “U” and the “S”. We continued walking down the hall and I began to look into the open doors. One room looked like a library with every wall lined with books and shelves in the middle of the room stacked with books as well.

The next room had just as many shelves everywhere and more than the previous room, but these shelves had old scrolls stacked on top of each other completely filling each shelf. They all looked to be ancient and yet some looked much older than others. The next room had computers and desks everywhere; the following room had chairs and tables with old feather quills on top. As I was looking the angel turned to me and said, “This is the Hall of Scribes”. He then stopped at a closed door. This was the first door I had seen closed. He opened it and as I looked in, there was nothing in this room. It was blank and empty, only the “color” was white and yet it had a glow to it. We walked into the room towards the middle where suddenly a small desk and chair appeared. I then looked at my paper in the angel’s hand and saw that the ink had now soaked the page all the way through and was dripping. He then held the dripping page over a cup on the desk and it poured out of his hand and into the cup.

I then heard the Lord say, “This is the blood of My Justice and we will be using it to scribe this new season. Everything will be dripping with this “ink”. The “ink” that makes all things new; bringing healing, signs, wonders, and miracles. This scribing will usher in My Glory and will shine brightly in the darkness. The deeds of the past that needed My intervening hand to redeem is the very power you will walk in now. Justice, Redemption, Recompense is being served; declare and scribe it now!”

The two letters “U” and “S” on that soaked piece of paper, I heard the Lord declare, “Us. It is Just Us. Us, working and co-laboring together to create and design this new room; painting a new picture of what life is for Us.” This is all of us, the Sons and Daughters of God, and all of Heaven to scribe new songs and declarations in this time calling forth God’s “ALL THINGS NEW” to be seen and known throughout this earth.

“All things new” means ALL THINGS NEW! It is a new day, a new season, a new era – His Golden Era! As the Lord spoke “My Golden Era”, I saw the red ink begin to shimmer and sparkle with gold. He then said, “Taste and see that I Am good!” Just as He spoke that, I instantly had a sweet taste of honey in my mouth; honey I’ve never tasted before and as I savored it, the honey began to cover and drip from my lips. The Lord said, “What is being spoken in this hour will be strong and true but pure and sweet with My love. I Am releasing a wildness upon you! You will be unbridled in a reckless abandonment unto Me; following my direction and moving in My breath. You will experience fresh freedom in My wind, a fresh movement, a new sound, and a new roar. The humming buzz of honeybees and the roar of the Lion; each a different frequency but both tear down walls of lies and oppression. Both bring substance, nourishment, healing, provision, and protection. Now is the time to scribe with Me in the ink of My Justice. Now is the time to scribe your story.”


Written by: Amie Rogers


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