Just A Little Yeast Affects Or Infects

Do people even recognize good and bad anymore? Why is wickedness admired and followed? 

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Within the last day or so, I have been meditating over an article that I wrote entitled,  “A Little Yeast Works Through.” The article talks about how yeast is just a small amount, yet when put in the dough, it has a great effect on the whole lump.  This small amount has a great impact.  Yes, just a little yeast causes all the dough to rise.

Here’s what the Scripture says, “Don’t you understand that the tiniest infraction can bring about an unwelcome chain of events? That just a little yeast causes all the dough to rise? ”  (1 Corinthians 5: 6)  

Not wanting to take scripture out of its context, I read the chapter to see what the tiniest infraction was that Paul was addressing to the Corinthian church.  Apparently, there was an immoral man who was having an affair with his step-mom.  The church didn’t know how to handle the situation, so they sought Paul’s counsel to take care of it.

Sweeping sin under the rug never works. When it’s time for a house cleaning, the rug is lifted and all the dirt is exposed.  What was once covered up, now is clear for all to see.  This clump of dirt once hidden needs tended to.

When yeast is placed in the batch of dough it causes an eruption.  Yeast, in this passage, is symbolic of sin.  When just a small amount is mixed in the batch of dough, it affects and infects the entire group.  It can lead to an unwelcome chain of events.

As we watch what’s going on in our world right now with all the protesting, violence, fear, chaos, and confusion it brings sadness to my spirit, that what we are seeing is out of control.  As I watch, (on a limited basis), it seems so clear that what we are viewing is clearly the result of a sinful, Godless world who needs the hope and restoration of our Jesus.  Look what happens when we allow evil to rule and reign. Do people even recognize good and bad anymore?  Why is wickedness admired and followed?  Why is hate dominating our world?  I know it’s the prince of this world, satan, himself.  He has deceived these folks to their very core.

I betcha some of these young people involved in criminal activity, come from good family homes.  Maybe some of them might have been Christians and walked away.  Maybe some of them had a bad situation in their life that left them feeling rejected and empty.  Maybe some of them got involved with the wrong crowd, just to fulfill that sense of belonging

Whatever “maybe” or part of their story is, Jesus loves them and wants them free.  The call we have been given as a Christ-follower is being made so very crystal clear.  The effects of sin are so visible as never before.  The clump of dirt needs tended to.

As I was pondering all of this asking the Lord to intervene.  I asked Him, “What are you saying to the church in all of this?  Show us how we can prevent others from moving toward lawlessness, and wickedness.  What are we to see and say?”  Even if there is just one, who’s riding the fence…Let them hear your voice, your heart.

The Lord wants us to see in this hour that we have been called, anointed and appointed as His children.  We are His people to be used for His glory.  As His called, we carry the very life of God within us.  We, church, carry the answer and the power of God within us.  We have the answer to a lost and dying world.  

Separate yourselves unto God.  Turn to Him, turn back to Him.  He has plans for your life.  We’ve tried it on our own, it doesn’t work.  He is the only thing, the only way, that we are to live–in Him and for Him.  

Listen to His summoning.  Listen to His heart.  He is for you, not against you.  Jesus is longing to be in your life, in your hearts, in your world.  

His heart breaks for all of the sins.  His heart yearns to be brought into your life and into your plan. Step into Him–Step into Him and out of the world.  

Remember, a little yeast can affect or infect.  There is a yeast of sincerity and truth.  “Feast on the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.”  (1 Corinthians 5: 8)  

Separate yourselves from those who tear you down and pull you out of your Father’s will.  All lives matter!  All lives count!  God is the giver and taker of life.  Man has not been given that authority.  The redeemed man was given His authority to speak and proclaim His words, His joy, His peace upon His people.  

Let it be so Lord Jesus, our Bread of Life.  



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