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The critical difference between Crist’s humor and other Christian jokes is that the former identifies as a member of the Christian Church.

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He’s been doing live shows for nine years now and has shared the stage with heavy-hitter comics, like Dana Carvey, Seth Myers, Jeff Foxworthy, and Dave Chappelle. His videos hit over a million views and his 2018 Fall tour completely sold out across America. But perhaps the most surprising fact about John Crist of all is that he’s accomplished this as a Christian comic.

“Uh, no thank you. I won’t need any skin samples. I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” Crist jokes in one of his popular YouTube videos as he wanders through a mall. “30% off? Oh, all things work together for His good.”

Crist is the first to admit with his fans that he grew up in Georgia as a pastor’s kid. He was the third of eight homeschooled children and worked at Chick-fil-A for his first job. It was this very upbringing that he credits for his comedic inspiration. “Coming from a background like that, how do you NOT write jokes?!” he says.

But the critical difference, however, between Crist’s humor and other Christian jokes is that the former identifies as a member of the Christian Church. John Crist isn’t mocking Christianity from an outsider’s offense. He’s presenting satire from the inside. “If there is any ribbing or roasting of the Christian culture, I like to say it’s not me pointing at you guys,” he promises in an interview with CBN News. “It’s me shining a mirror at us.”

For example, in one of Crist’s more popular series, “Church Hunters,” John Crist’s character takes a tour of churches in HGTV House-Hunters style. He and his fictional girlfriend meet with a Church expert to find the right home. The video plays on the consumerism mentality that Christians can have toward the Church without shaming its audience in condemnation.

“This is your first church; this is Creekside First Baptist. So while it is traditional, it’s still pretty current. Just this year, the pastor started untucking his shirt,” the church expert says. “He does dress his age, though. So don’t worry. He’s past the Osteen suit phase. But he hasn’t gone full Giglio yet.”

While some may say that Crist only capitalizes off of the Church’s flaws, he promises his fans that the intention is the complete opposite. “I know the effect that a healthy, vibrant local church can have on the community,” he writes on his website. “If I ever come across as critical, it’s because I love the Church, and I wish so much more from it.”  

Right now, Crist is working through his spring tour dates for the ‘Human Being Tour.’ But even when these shows end in May, he’ll be kicking off his summer tour ‘Up Close’ from May to September. To find out more information or to purchase tickets, visit his website online.



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