January 20th Prophesy Revisited

I have said several times that Trump would not win in the normal way, including through the courts.

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So many people have been reaching out to me today asking about the 20th and if I still believe Trump will be sworn in as President.

I realized because of that I needed to clarify some things I have said prophetically. I never said Trump would be sworn in on the 20th. If Biden is sworn in on the 20th it means nothing to me. If that does happen it will not stand very long. 

Since the spring of last year, I have been prophesying about a new party arising with Trump. I’ve said that America as we know it will not exist, including the government. I have said that all things would be made NEW. 

I saw a collapse of the Democratic Party and I also believe the Republican Party. There is going to be much civil unrest, and I saw the national guard on the ground. I also saw issues with communication and possible blackouts. 

I have said several times that Trump would not win in the normal way, including through the courts. It was never God’s way for Him to win through the courts. I said that Trump would have to take it and that it was God. 

Just as God brought Israel, led by Joshua, into the promised land to dispossess and make war. Why do you ask does God do it this way? It’s because of the corruption through and through.

God was doing a new thing. I talked about this new thing and that many will be offended by it.

So I just want to clarify that what happens on the 20th is of little consequence. What I see may happen before or after that. I’m not sure of the timing. However, I do not believe it’s years or even months. 

I also want readers to know my heart and process as a prophetic voice. So I want you to know that I continue to see the same thing. I have not moved from this position. 

I know many prophetic leaders have apologized that they have been wrong with their words about Trump being re-elected. That is between them and the Lord. I won’t judge it.

So, every day I am before the Lord with my heart and what I see. I am submitted to Him, as well as leaders in the body of Christ. I have been encouraged by these leaders to keep going and stand with what I see.

I feel like if I were to apologize and turn away from what I see I would be turning away from the Lord himself. That breaks my heart. I can not do that. It’s not about being right or wrong. 

I am ok with being wrong, and if I am I will publicly face that if that time comes. 

For me, this is about HIM and what He is doing. I have to continue to be true to what I believe and stand with Him.

He is my Shepherd. He leads me.

Those who have read my book know that this way has been my whole life. I will not move until He tells me to or until the leaders in my life tell me I am being deceived.

I know what’s happening in the prophetic movement can be very confusing, and possibly very discouraging. I want to encourage you, seek to hear the Lord yourself, as I know most of you do. Don’t be moved by what you see with your natural eyes. Don’t lean on your understanding. 

Follow and Trust HIM


Written by Michelle Seidler


Michelle Seidler

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