It’s Demolition Time

An activated faith has always been an uncomfortable and unwelcome disturbance.

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It feels like we are being herded down a hallway leading to a destination that is not of our choice. God gave us a powerful tool that enables us to open up a new way and begin moving in a different direction. That tool is faith. It is not faith in world systems or those who lead those systems. This tool is empowered by a belief in the God who never fails us and who is actively at work doing something above and beyond all we could hope for or even imagine.

When we come to realize we are being herded down a cultural hallway where willing sheep too easily go along with the commands of those who are moving the herd forward, at any moment, under the direction of the Spirit, we can break free and create an exit. These exits are created when we stop and begin to wield the jackhammer of our faith, creating an opening not thought possible before our faith was activated.

Creating new doorways and escape routes for individuals and entire cultures has always been the work of God’s reformers. Many are feeling uneasy about what is happening in our world. Reformation is stirring the hearts of God’s people. Do not wait for a political or religious leader to create the exit hole. It is time to stop and go to work. If this is your assignment, you will create a noisy and dusty mess. An activated faith has always been an uncomfortable and unwelcome disturbance because it disrupts the political or religious status quo.

A herd mentality brought us to this place. Free-thinking people of faith are being awakened and called to strike the walls of the restrictive hallways being used to lead us to a place of slavery and servitude to things God never intended us to experience.


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