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As citizens of a constitutional Republic, we have laws and statutes that act as written covenants on our behalf.

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As believers, we know the power of the Word of God to overturn the enemy’s schemes. Jesus set the example when He rebuked the devil three different times in the wilderness. When offered an easy way out of His suffering, Jesus refused to bow. Armed with the truth concerning His Father’s will and purpose, Jesus firmly declared, “It is written!” The power of that written covenant cut through the counterfeit offers and demolished the devil’s hopes of Jesus’ submission. Jesus set the precedent and came out of His trial filled with supernatural power and authority.

The devil is now presenting new offers to those in a weakened state. Whether through bribery, blackmail, or threats of termination, the political snakes are hissing out ultimatums and mandates in hopes of bringing us to our knees. Assuming we are ignorant of what is written, the enemies of God are pressing in hard. But, just as Jesus did, we can have the final word. Not only do we have the Word of God to demolish every demonic stronghold and argument that stands against us – we have the laws of the land on our side.

As citizens of a constitutional Republic, we have laws and statutes that act as written covenants on our behalf. We the people are not helpless or without hope. The power of IT IS WRITTEN is one of our greatest weapons.

We are not the underdogs here. The covenants with our God and our nation have already been settled and the victory is ours. It’s just time to remind the devil.


In my latest video, I share a prophetic dream calling believers to TAKE A STAND against the demonic threats in our nation.



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