It is Time for Mothers and Grandmothers to Arise

Many women in the body of Christ are dabbling in witchcraft and they do not even understand where their problems are coming from.

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For a sound of wailing is heard coming out of Zion: How we are plundered and ruined! We are greatly confounded and utterly put to shame, because we have forsaken the land, because they have cast down our dwellings, our dwellings that have cast us out. Yet hear the word of the Lord, O you women, and let your ears receive the word of His mouth; teach your daughters a lament, and each one teach her neighbor a dirge. For death has come up into our windows; it has entered into our palaces, cutting off the children from outdoors and the young men from the streets.” Jeremiah 9:19-2 (AMPC)



In a dream, I was watching over a house full of young women who were in their late teens and maybe early twenties. There was also one two or three-year-old child that was there and I was taking care of her also. I believe she was one of the young women’s daughters. For some reason, in the dream on several nights of watching over them a group of men would show up and when they did this wild party would begin and it always ended up one of the girls would tell me that she did not understand why they kept coming and then she would end up in trouble. I noticed that the child was being neglected. There was a small pool for the child to get in and play but she was afraid of the water. As one night went on I took the child and got her used to the water and suddenly she loved it and I was able to get her washed and cleaned. On this same night these men showed up and things began to get rowdy again. The mother of the child came to me and said that she wanted this to stop but didn’t understand why it kept happening. She was also in awe of how I had gotten her child to get into the water. Then suddenly she said to me that she knew how to possibly stop this cycle from happening and she said that she needed to go get some plant or something from the woods and shake it around in the house and that that would get rid of her problem of opening the door for this cycle to begin. Suddenly this super boldness came on me and I began to speak in an authoritative way. I said “Do you not understand that your solution to this is witchcraft?! There is no such thing as white witchcraft! Witchcraft is witchcraft, period!”



God began to deal with me about this dream and said to me “ There are many women right now in the body of Christ that are dabbling in witchcraft and they do not even understand where their problems are coming from. Many young women have grown up in a culture of witchcraft because it has become mainstream in a lot of the entertainment areas such as TV shows, the health industry, the exercise industry, and the books they read etc… witchcraft has become normalized in everyday lives. They look for solutions to their issues on social media, which is full of witchcraft, and in magazines. They go everywhere else but they do not come to me as to how to raise their children nor do they come to me to find out how to keep the enemy out of their households. Therefore the enemy has taken up residence in their lives! And they do not know how to get their children clean by washing them in the water of the word.”

Then the Lord said to me “THEIR CHILDREN WILL LEARN TO LOVE WHATEVER THEY TEACH THEM TO LOVE!’ Because they have not taught them to love the word and to go to My word therefore they are afraid of Me and My word and embrace practices that are of the enemy! My daughters, it is time to open your eyes and see the difference and embrace My ways for My ways are higher than your ways. I have all of the solutions to keep the enemy at bay so that you and your children may live!”



God then showed me in this dream that I was there as a housemother. He said that he is calling up mothers in the body of Christ right now who will be bold and who will be discerning about the ways of the Lord and those who have experienced life so that they know how to discern both good and evil. He is about to pour out a new boldness on mothers and grandmothers to speak truth to these younger ones so that their eyes may be open and that they may see that the practices of the enemy do not work for them but that His ways will work in their lives. I hear Him saying, “It is time for the mothers to arise in the house! It is time for mothers to arise in society! It is time for mothers to arise in my church and teach them My way is the right way. Do not compromise for there is no time to compromise these days! And beheld I will do a quick work for your daughters and grandchildren if you will hear the word of the Lord! “ 


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