Is There a Mouse in the House? A Look at Current Happenings

This goes far beyond Presidencies and elections. A greater story is unfolding. This is darkness vs light.

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I felt led to share a dream I had over 10 years ago. God brought it to my attention yesterday and I feel that it is for this time. In this dream, a President had just come through the elections. It was revealed to me, in the dream, that a person very close to the President turned out to be a rat (a bad actor, we would say today). I heard the Lord say within this dream “there is a mouse in the house and an informant who cannot be trusted.” It was a very heavy dream and kept me in a dream-like state all throughout that day. I will never forget it.

In the natural, not the dream, my husband and I went that same morning to look at a house that was a repo. It had a huge window in the front that we could look into, as potential buyers. I stood to look in this huge picture window and I heard a loud “snap”. I realized that a mousetrap had gone off, and the mouse had just gotten caught. I heard the snap at exactly the time I peered into the window. A crazy occurrence, but a confirmation to the dream, nonetheless.

Yesterday, was very revealing to me in that I was able to peer into a big picture window, so to speak. The enemy repeats his tactics over and over. He does nothing new. I felt there was theatrics happening inside Congress and outside the Capitol building. I felt on many levels that yesterday was “set up” to deflect off the election steal, shift optics, and put the blame on groups who had nothing to do with the real issue at hand. People were masquerading as something they were not, at every level, within Congress, as well as those who broke into the building. It’s very sad that people died. Isn’t this just like our enemy? Things are becoming quite clear, and yet there are things that will still be revealed.

Stay encouraged because the story is not yet over. I was so thankful in thinking about how God has used our great President, who is a modern-day King Cyrus and who carries the heart of a King David, to reveal, shake, expose and uproot kings of darkness who had gotten a stronghold in our nation. I don’t believe we are done with that part of the story or our great President! Tentacles of evil are still grasping for some kind of a hold. Nothing is a match for the hand of our God!

When all seems impossible, God loves to come through with a miracle. We have seen miracles all along the way and God will not stop providing miracles. The hour we live in is ripe for miracles and we have come so far! Our hope is in His ways and in His word. Our hope is in Him, not outcomes, however, I want to also say that what I felt God say to me again today was to “stay the course and do not back down now”. I very much feel at peace and hope! I am not discouraged or sad at all I also don’t watch much news because most twist the truth. Stay in prayer.

I truly believe we are on the brink of a great harvest. The enemy knows this and I have heard him shrieking in sheer panic and grasping for any type of power he can hold on to. I feel that we are in for some more shocking reveals. I heard the words “unsealing and revealing”.

Prepare your heart and mind for what that might be. I believe it will be shocking…like ugly truth. Stay in the spirit of love. The roots of our nation are being revealed, good and bad, so that course correction can take place. Our God is a redeemer. Sometimes it gets hard to see what has been lurking underneath, but it’s necessary to pluck up and pull out the hidden root structure of darkness disguised so that new “trees” can be planted for new fruit. Stay in peace. Don’t be swayed by the enemy’s stance that he has won anything…far from it!!

This goes far beyond Presidencies and elections. A greater story is unfolding. This is darkness vs light. There is a separation of who is on God’s side currently being sorted out. The ONE WORD I keep hearing for this new year is VICTORY. I have read the end of the book and it says the saints always win, who are connected to Jesus. He is still blowing upon the earth and making a way for the dawning of a new day…that has not changed.

Lord Adonai, we pray that our eyes would be set like flint to you and not move from our stance of victory. I pray that you would give us spiritual eyes to see what we could not see previously, and ears to hear the “snap” upon all the critters that lurk in darkness. I pray for noses to discern what we need to know, and hands raised high in praise as we await what you choose to reveal to us. Your heart is always to move us forward with victory. I pray our hearts would be in tune with what is true and right, keeping us firmly planted within your heart of love. We love you Jesus and we look to you for the final outcome and for our marching orders. Amen and Amen.




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