Is it a Formula Or an Encounter?

We have an open door into personal relationship with the King of Kings, not just to observe, but to learn Who He really is and His Way.

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One of the things that has really troubled me for a very long time is the idea that many in Christianity have made Salvation a formula in place of an actual Encounter with God.

While scripture does say if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved (Romans 10:9), only you really know whether or not you believe it in your heart or not.

The evidence of that belief is the real Transformation of your life by the Power of the Holy Spirit in operation in you because of your salvation. This Transformation comes from Knowing Him and the Power that flows out of His Resurrection (Philippians 3:10).

“He made known His Ways unto Moses, His acts to the children of Israel.” Psalms 103:7

It’s not good enough for your relationship with God to just know His Acts. Knowing the actions made by an individual does not indicate a real relationship. I can have an understanding of everything that George Washington did for his entire life by studying it in the history books and other literature while never actually meeting him or having a conversation with him in person.

God is highlighting for us to know His Ways. The very thing that Moses asked for at the burning Bush. He desired to see His Glory, but the first response He had towards God was to see His “Way.” Knowing God’s “Way” is something more personal than just His actions. His Way represents His Character and Who He is as a person!

When we desire to see His Way, what we are actually seeking is Jesus Christ personally (John 14:6). As a result, we not only get an understanding of Him that we can’t get through beholding His Actions (which, by the way, are often misunderstood), but we also get to experience His Glory which follows His Person.

Those Who seek experiences or acts may never wind up having a face-to-face friendship with God. Moses was called the Friend of God, not just because He was called to do the things he did (giving the law), but because he wanted to know the Lord personally.

We have an open door into personal relationship with the King of Kings, to not just observe the things He does (signs, wonders, and miracles), but to learn Who He really is and His Way.

Jesus Christ is the Way, and as we grow in relation to Him, we will experience not only all the aspects of His Presence but also an understanding of His actions that we haven’t previously understood.

Today is a great day for you to open the doorway and Express to the Lord that you want to experience not just His Works but His very being and His Character. Seek ye first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and everything else He is will become available to you as well. It’s not a formula; it’s a Relationship!


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