Is He Enough?

Is He enough? Because if He is, why am I constantly searching for fleeting momentary glimpses of the approval of others?

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Can I be really honest? I’m terrified of being a joke. I’m terrified of not being enough and, somehow, simultaneously being too much. I’m terrified of failure. I’m terrified of not being the best at something. I’m terrified of being laughed off, shrugged off, overlooked, or ignored. I’m terrified of people giving up on me. I’m terrified of not having an impact. I’m terrified of not mattering. I’m terrified of not being loved.

I’m sharing this because I don’t think I’m alone in these fears, but I also know how easy it is to look around at others and think you’re the only one who has these struggles. You’re not.

Whenever I share posts on social media that seem bold or inspiring or wise, it is not because I myself am feeling bold or inspiring or wise – it’s because there are days that I feel SO weak and incapable and unimportant, and I have to #preachtomyself and get into the Word of God to be redirected toward TRUTH.

This is one of those days. The anxiety of this past season has been a real struggle. I can do much to reframe and see the silver lining, to trust that God knows what He’s doing on the good days. But on days like today, I just wind up in a puddle of temptation to believe the lies.

The issue with my heart is that I KNOW better. I know the words of my Father. I know that HE is the only one who can validate my worth. I know that I am enough because HE is enough. He is the one who has given me the only name that matters: His child. I know that His promises are true and that He is faithful. I know that He created me on purpose for a purpose.

But here’s the question that has been wrecking my heart. “Is He truly enough for me?” Because if I know all of these things and believe them and He really is enough, it shouldn’t matter what others in this world think of me. It shouldn’t matter if I never amount to anything worth tweeting about on this earth if I know my Father in Heaven delights in me.

Is He enough? Because if He is, why am I constantly searching for fleeting momentary glimpses of the approval of others? Why am I desperate to feel seen and special by humans when the God that created them SEES me and loves me unconditionally? Why do I strive to gain any title or achievement when nothing is more meaningful than being called His child?

My guess is some of you reading this have days of similar struggles. May we stop looking for our worth in the wrong places. May the approval of man fall away as we let our thirst for true value and significance be found in the only reliable source-Jesus. Is He enough for you today?


Written by Alisha Mitchell

Featured Image By Rodrigo Borges de Jesus

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