Is God About to Play His Trump Card?

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OPINION – Early yesterday morning as the fog of current events rolled around in my head, clarity of thought started to emerge. For one, it seems very unlikely that President Trump would just roll over and quietly exit. He knows full well that it was a fake insurrection sparked by paid anarchists on January 6th and that the election was 100% rigged to enable the true insurrection.

He risked his life and suffered nonstop attacks for five years to try to save this nation. He knows that those who remain in power will destroy him, his family, and his allies if he simply exits with unfinished business and the Swamp intact. He knows that the whole world’s fate rests on his shoulders.

President Trump and his team exhausted every legal avenue possible to overcome the election coup. Over and over, one by one, our appointed defenders of justice chose not to even hear the evidence or chose to take the path of least resistance despite the enormous gravity of the situation. The final attempt called on Congress to do the right thing and stand against the election theft, but Mike Pence and Congress seemed to be in on the steal. Intuitive thought, along with mounting evidence, suggests that a plan was orchestrated to have Trump-hating activists and welcoming police lead, provoke, and sweep others into storming the Capital in order to blame Trump, smear MAGA forever, and stop any challenge to the election results.

After making a couple of video pleas for peace and calm, the President was silenced by Social Media and Big Media. With the ability to defend himself or express different views removed, the corporate media and politicians engaged in an all-out attack on him, unjustly and incorrectly blaming him for organizing and inciting an insurrection. His silence and follow-up calls for healing and peace, as well as his assurances of a peaceful transition, caused many to believe that he had thrown in the towel.

I think it’s the opposite. He exhausted all legal means, so I believe he quietly moved onto the final option to use his powers under the Insurrection Act and a few other Executive Orders. He continued to maneuver people around into key positions and show others the door. He summoned the military to fulfill both his own and their duty to defend us against a coordinated coup by foreign and domestic enemies.

It’s becoming increasingly clear—this is war. It makes total sense that he would remain silent and deploy various head fakes and diversionary tactics. This is also consistent with his approach throughout his entire presidency. Although he would get badgered, ridiculed, and demeaned for doing so, he has consistently refused to telegraph any military moves.

I also believe that God appointed and anointed President Trump for such a time as this. He put him into the office and only through His grace could any man (or woman) persevere through and prevail over nearly the entire world’s power structure coming against them for almost five years.

For that reason, I don’t believe that God did that only to have everything fall short and for the New World Order to take over and put the entire world in bondage. I also don’t think that God would abandon the progress against stopping horrific crimes against humanity that are claimed to lurk in the shadows.

After all, our President is not named “Donald J Almost” or “Donald J Not-Enough” or “Donald J Couldn’t-Quite-Get-It-Done.” I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that this disruptor, change-agent vessel is named Donald J Trump!

I believe that God is going to deliver us from evil…and that He’s going to do it through His chosen vessel!

I’m not sure how it’s all going to play out, and it may be tremendously difficult and painful in the short run—but I believe that we are about to be astonished by an almost unimaginable breakthrough for both this nation and all of mankind.

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