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God is looking for those who will carry, steward, and overflow with His fire inside of them.

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I recently had a prophetic dream about the fire of God. I was walking in the dream and a huge fire flamed up off the path to my right. As I kept walking in the dream, another huge fire flamed up off of the path to my left. I knew in the dream that both fires were the fire of God. Then in the dream, the Lord spoke to me and said, “interior fire”.

As I woke up from the dream the Lord began to speak to me about this “interior fire”. In this season, God is calling each believer to have the fire of the Holy Spirit burning and blazing on the inside. Normal, lukewarm Christianity will not cut it in this hour. The Lord is looking for those that will burn with an interior fire that will overflow from within to spark a wildfire of His glory and power in the earth.

Many in the church today believe that the Holy Spirit is an option or an addition to our walk with God. However, the Holy Spirit is not an option or an addition He is the fullness of God Himself! If we want to truly live for God and have our entire lives glorify Him in the earth, we must have the interior fire that only comes from the Holy Spirit.

There are a number of believers and ministries that really think their good works or well-organized programs are what God is looking for in this hour. But God is not looking for our best human efforts to help people or entertain them with our programs, God is looking for those who will carry, steward, and overflow with His fire inside of them.

In this season, allow the Lord to set an interior fire inside of you that will affect every area of your life and every person you come in contact with. Don’t put limitations or restrictions on the Holy Spirit and watch what He will do. The believers and ministries that will honor and steward the fire of God in this hour will impact cities, regions, and nations for the Kingdom of God. I believe as we blaze with the interior fire of God it will spread like a wildfire as it pours out of us and we will see God move across our land. Burn with the interior fire of God like never before!



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