Imminent Crashes and the Shield to Take Us Through

When we walk through the fires with our Shield in place and our Redeemer in the lead, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.

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Several nights ago, I had a startling dream that caused me to wake up with a gasp.

In a second, I saw myself about to crash into a car directly in front of me. It was dark, and shadows were everywhere. I didn’t see it coming, and it appeared out of nowhere. There was absolutely no way to avoid it. I woke up right before impact.

I knew it was a warning. I didn’t see it coming, and I couldn’t avoid it. I believe I was experiencing what many who are still asleep concerning globalist activities are going to feel when an “imminent crash” occurs. What kind of crash? The fact is many systems have been crashing already. All the manmade attempts to control and manipulate populations are falling apart. Narratives are being exposed as false and true believers are emerging from the darkness of misinformation. Numerous prophetic words have been given about an economic crash, internet shutdowns, and communication blackouts. There are so many now they cannot be discounted. I believe it’s only a matter of time until we see some major things taking place.

The following day after this dream, I was in worship, asking the Lord about it. I found myself feeling a bit anxious because of the unknowns and needed some reassurance. I then saw Him reach His hand into this dream and pull me out at the very last second. Not only was He watching the entire scene – He saved me from the impact. In retrospect, it actually looked like He was looking down at a chessboard and making a final move when He pulled me out – and He had a smile on His face! He was not surprised by the move but had been preparing for it!

Even though this was very encouraging, I was still reluctant to share any “thus saith the Lord.” Two days later, I was driving around town, realizing I needed more confirmation. I’ve always trusted that He will speak if I pay attention. So, I asked Him to confirm His message – somehow – some way.

As I was saying this prayer out loud, I had just turned onto the highway, driving behind a large work truck. No sooner had I finished my prayer when I heard a loud POP. At first, I thought a tire had blown. But the sound was a lot louder than normal. Then, I looked at my windshield. That’s when I saw that a huge rock had been thrown from the work truck and hit my windshield. It was not just a nick but had almost penetrated the glass because of the size and force. Thankfully, the damage was contained, and I was able to continue driving.

As my heart was pounding, I immediately thought of my dream. Here I was in my car when the unexpected happened. Was this the confirmation I had asked for!? I kept looking at the windshield and realized at that moment – had it not been for the SHIELD, that rock was headed straight for my head, and it would have taken me out.

That’s when I got clarity concerning the purpose of the dream and this unexpected interruption. God wants us to come under His protection as we head into the unknown crashes ahead. He wants us to know that HE IS OUR SHIELD. He is the One who can protect us and keep us headed in the right direction. There may be some inconveniences along the way and some unexpected “hits,” but He is going to bring us through unscathed.

In both my dream and in real-time, I couldn’t avoid what happened. I was simply following the course laid out for me. And though there are many times when the Lord shows us things ahead of time to pray that they DON’T happen – I believe THIS time – He’s saying there are some turbulent times coming that can’t be avoided. The crashes we may see coming will not be for our destruction, however. They will be for our transformation.

After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield; your reward shall be very great.

Genesis 15:1 ESV

What sets us apart as Spirit-empowered believers in Christ is not our ability to avoid trouble or trials but our ability to go through them with grace, assurance, and overcoming power. When we walk through the fires with our Shield in place and our Redeemer in the lead, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.

So…my encouragement is to prayerfully prepare. Regardless of how things appear, know that the Lord is at work. Though the enemy may be making moves to take us out, God is moving on our behalf to protect us and shield us, and position us for the transformation ahead. The darkness may linger for a moment, but His time of awakening is here. 

“Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up. ‘Quick, get up!’ he said, and the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.” (Acts 12:7 NIV)

Holy Spirit, I ask for angelic encounters and supernatural interruptions to wake people up from their sleep! Just as Peter was awoken by an angel, so awaken Your people to that which You are doing. May we partner with heaven in fulfilling Your words and seeing prayers answered. Poke us if You need to! Get our attention so we can break off our chains and walk through the enemy’s camp, free from constraints and covered by Your presence. Thank You for waking us up to the freedom ahead!  From WORDS TO PRAY BY 


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