I’m Pulling Glory Out of You!

In the middle of our pressing, there is an expression of heaven that is being squeezed out of us!

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I was recently listening to the song, “Something Has to Break,” and I thought of all the struggles people are facing. This past year has brought much discouragement for many and even heartache for some. In the midst of pain and turmoil, we long for the hardships to stop and the warfare to cease. In all that has transpired, it’s easy to question God’s kindness. And yet, my faith says that God’s goodness never stops – even when things hurt. So, I looked to the Lord for a better perspective and His response startled me.

“You are looking for your circumstances to break. But I’m looking to break something in YOU.”


Though there is pain and loss, it is not the end. It’s not the final word or the ultimate outcome. We were created to live in and for a realm that is higher than our feelings and frustrations. All that happens now is to bring out the manifestation of Christ within us, the Hope of glory. Until we aim higher than our temporary happiness or ever-changing predictions for the future, we will miss the glory that He intends for us – right now.

His glory is not reserved for those who die and go to heaven. It is not restrained by time. It is a supernatural reality that is resident within every believer – NOW – IF we allow its process of refinement. It is IN the breaking that He says,

“I’m pulling GLORY out of you!”

This is His exhortation and the hope in our trials. In the middle of our pressing, there is an expression of heaven that is being squeezed out of us! It is a tangible manifestation of God’s goodness and overriding power that carries immense weight – here, and now.

Our adversaries may think they’re breaking us, but they are actually being used to accomplish a greater work. Our God is breaking off the things of this world so that a greater realm of existence can come forth. He’s pulling GLORY out of us. And it will far outshine the losses and the setbacks. A surpassing GREATNESS is about to manifest on the earth and it’s the breaking that is opening the door.

And I will be to her a wall of fire all around, declares the Lord, and I will be the glory in her midst. (Zechariah 2:1)

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