If the Enemy Occupied the White House…

If the enemy were to occupy the White House, what would that look like?

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OPINION – The onslaught of executive orders, divisive and shameful rhetoric, and antithetical actions emanating from the White House since January 20th begs the question, “What would it look like if the enemy occupied the White House?”

From 2009 through 2016, pundits and members of the right-wing political class decried the ineptitude and errors of an executive administration that seemed to always put America last. “Leading from behind” was their stated strategy, which in and of itself speaks to intent and not a series of repeated miscalculations.

The current occupants of the White House make the track record of the 44th administration look uber-patriotic and stellar in comparison. Of course, it’s hard to hide the bumbling frontman who seems most focused on what flavor of ice cream to choose for snack time.

So, if the enemy were to occupy the White House, what would that look like?

The enemy would spew unending lies from a teleprompter without a trace of remorse and stage carefully controlled questioning amongst a mostly co-conspiring press corps.

The enemy would repeatedly lie and promise not to do it, but then would take immediate action on day 1 in office to destroy our energy independence and subject us to dealings of the corrupt Middle Eastern oil cabal.

The enemy would push to pass bills with trillions and trillions of dollars in spending that would fuel massive inflation, dilute the life savings of hard-working Americans, and ultimately implode our economy.

The enemy would side with and support the perpetrators of a bioweapon that caused a Plandemic.

The enemy would undo trade agreements and reinstitute other international agreements that siphon off huge sums of money from our country, disadvantage U.S. businesses, and put us in a subservient position to all other nations.

The enemy would open up our southern border to enable a massive influx of illegal immigrants and then relocate them around the country—during a pandemic nonetheless.

The enemy would open the southern border, hamstring border agents, and issue executive orders that have the effect of facilitating human trafficking and drug running.

The enemy would take political prisoners and hold them in solitary confinement for months on end for alleged misdemeanor offenses.

The enemy would order our military to vacate a dangerous foreign land after 20 years of war and leave thousands of Americans and allies in harm’s way.

The enemy would equip our mortal enemy known for its oft-stated aspiration of bringing “death to America” with a huge arsenal of military weaponry.

The enemy would call good evil and evil good—without even batting an eye.

The enemy would lie about COVID and skew the numbers to portray a falsely dire situation.

The enemy would turn a blind eye towards an increasingly overwhelming body of evidence that treatments using safe and inexpensive drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are both curing and preventing COVID in the United States and across the world.

The enemy would stand by idly as the use of these life-saving therapeutics is stifled by medical agencies and hospitals charged with caring for and protecting us.

The enemy would lie about the efficacy and safety of COVID “vaccines,” including rigging the numbers and classifying deaths within 14 days of inoculation as “unvaccinated patients.”

The enemy would ignore, and work to silence, the cries about the dangers, devastating effects, and deaths resulting from vaccines that killed every animal in their trial studies.

The enemy would ignore the catastrophic results coming from Israel, perhaps the most vaccinated nation on the planet, as they have experienced a massive spike in deaths immediately after mandating the third jab.

The enemy would push its corrupt health institutions to approve these inoculations without an examination of the ingredients or the true impacts.

The enemy would mandate dangerous vaccines through tyrannical orders and weaponized three or four-letter governmental agencies threatening to cut off food, finances, and freedoms for those who do not comply.

The enemy would rig the election to get into office knowing that the majority of people have long been able to see the wicked puppeteers through the flimsy veneer of the Trojan Horse candidate.

The enemy would essentially do whatever is not in our best interests, weakens our standing on the world stage, undermines our values, and ultimately leads to our demise.

The enemy would turn the “Land of the Free” into a communist wasteland.

So, what if the enemy were to occupy the White House?


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