I Am Not Ok – At Least According to My Emotions

You don’t need to see my highlight reel…and you don’t need to always be looking at everyone else’s either. 

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The last two days, I have not been okay.

I am sharing this because I think sometimes (lots of times) we see the highlight reel in people’s lives. We see the best of their marriages, the birthday parties, the major events. We don’t see behind the scenes or their “real” life. We miss the dog puking at the party, the disappointing message, the forgotten birthday.

Today I am sad and disheartened, anxious and heavy…overwhelmed by thoughts and needs in my life…that’s just the truth. I know that my feelings do not win. But, that is how I feel. 

Lately, I have seen friendships die, marriages fall apart, businesses stop, kids in trouble, major sickness affecting friends, and so much more. As I watch these happenings, my heart hurts for so many. 

I have a lot of support and will list some of those below, but I want you to know that life can be messy. It can be hurtful and ugly. Life can be so so hard. But, life is also good. You matter. YOU are worth the effort. I know sometimes you might not feel like that. But, you are. 

God loved you enough to die for you–the real you with the bad breath, mean thoughts, ugly words, terrible actions. He loves you. He also loves the highlight reel of you too. He loves all of you and He sent His son to die for your sins. Praise the Lord, we don’t have to live in this sin!

But, back to my emotions. Emotions aren’t real. They can’t be used to base our decisions on. They can ebb and flow. They can pull us away from the Truth.

Feel them and then put the Truth into your life. That’s me. Feeling the feelings today. Hurting some. Feeling sad some. Mostly, feeling heavy and tired. 


So what do I do after feeling the emotions?

1. Put on some worship rocking music and DANCE around!

2. Read or listen to God’s Word, our Truth.

3. Take some extra probiotics and supplements that support mental wellness (up to 90% of serotonin is made in the gut!)

4. Look around at all I have to be thankful for in my life, so much!

5. Reach out to friends who put Truth in my life.

So, here’s to the days we LOOK good and to the ones we don’t. I am cheering for you if you are where I am today. (((HUGS)))

You don’t need to see my highlight reel…and you don’t need to always be looking at everyone else’s either. 

At least, we should be able to be real with one another and support each other RIGHT where we are.


Written by Leesa Chesnut

Featured Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

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