I Am Blessed and Irritated At The Same Time!

Many Leaders are Power-Hungry Control Freaks that act more like slave owners keeping gifted ones serving their vision.

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Being a Spiritual Father is most likely the most rewarding and fulfilling thing in Ministry that I get to do. Even more so than Teaching & Preaching, even though I still Love to do Both! I am Truly Blessed that God has given me the Privilege and Honor to Pour into people’s Lives!

That being said, there are several things that I keep running into over and over again while functioning in this role…and to be honest…they do really Irritate me!

Before I begin to talk about some of those things, first let me say that my Spiritual Daughters outnumber my Spiritual Sons by about a two-to-one ratio. I did not plan it this way, nor did I seek to make it happen this way, it just unfolded this way.

Every one of the relationships that I have with my Spiritual Kids has been divinely orchestrated and witnessed by both parties that He drew us together. It also seems that because one of my mandates or apostolic assignments, besides pouring into another generation and doing for others what my Father did for me, is to also promote and support women in ministry, which may be why I have about twice as many Daughters.

Here are some of the things that I see recurring over and over again in mentoring and fathering:

1. Some men are just JERKS! They don’t know how to treat women at all, and many have wounds that need love and healing which requires time and trust to be built so that healing may come.

2. Sadly, many of these men are in Leadership, and one would think they would both know and do better, but they don’t.

3. Sadly many Leaders are Power-Hungry Control Freaks that act more like slave owners keeping gifted ones serving their vision, rather than as equippers, empowering and employing gifted ones to fulfill their individual assignments.

4. Sadly many have been in the church and saved for years, but don’t know anything. The disciple-ers have not been disciple-ing the disciples. When folks have been in the church for 5+ years and have no foundation…well that just not ought to be.

I really am Blessed to watch people go through healing, learn to trust, blossom, and develop into their destinies. But oh, it would be so much better if we had some real Kingdom Leaders that have had some Leadership Training. If they understood and could teach the Foundations of the Faith. If they had the heart of a Servant and a Father or Mother pouring into and raising up those in their care.

If we did, I would be even more Blessed and hardly Irritated at all.


Written by Michael Fram


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