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As of today, Cru has become active in 190 countries, has trained up thousands of disciples, and has continued to keep Jesus the highest priority.

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You probably know 1 Timothy 4:12 rather well if you’ve grown up in the church, especially if you’re currently thirty or younger. But if not, here’s a reminder:

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity (NIV).

Seemingly, this verse gets used for children most often; they are considered purer and innocent as a result of having spent less time in a tainted, sinful world. There’s certainly nothing wrong with children setting examples. Their faith knows no bounds or setbacks from the obstacles faced in adolescence or adulthood.

On the flipside, it feels as though young adults are rather overlooked in today’s society unless being scolded for acting as irresponsible, selfish millennials. Yes, those words indeed buzz all over social media right before our eyes.

It may be difficult to chalk up any of today’s given millennials as wise and mature by culture’s standards. That doesn’t mean, however, there are no such young adults in existence. In fact, plenty of them are buzzing among the “partygoers,” “nerds,” and “jocks.” You just might not see them in plain sight. They may very well be in their dorm rooms starting a revolution.

In 1951, 30-year-old Bill Bright was studying for a Greek exam at Fuller Theological Seminary in California when he felt the Lord come upon him in his dorm room. The Lord zealously worked in Bright’s heart, creating a desire within him to go out and pursue people for the Kingdom. His first goal? College students, of course. With the advice of a professor, Bright named the movement “Campus Crusade for Christ,” which would later catch on as “Cru” in the USA. He and his wife, Vonette, started the movement the following autumn with 24-hour prayer. Within a year, UCLA saw 250 students saved.

Shortly thereafter, Cru was spreading like a wildfire to other campuses. In order to fill the demand for leadership, the Brights hired six staff members. Before they knew it, South Korea was adopting the movement into its culture. Today, there are 271 active staff members working for Korean Campus Crusade for Christ who serve in 23 other countries.

The 1960s saw a surge of radical teaching and sharing of the gospel. While musical artists like The Beatles and Bob Dylan were taking the world by storm in 1966, Cru developed its own sound via The New Folk group. This band’s influence, carefully accompanied by some secular music, ended up leading many to Christ.

One of the largest evangelical faces, Billy Graham, spoke in 1966 at a massive meeting at the University of California at Berkeley. This sermon succeeded a week-long gathering of Cru staff and 600 students radically sharing faith, which saw 700 others receive Jesus Christ as Savior. These were simply stepping stones for what Cru would eventually see.

Years have progressed, and rallies have continued to take place, reaching millions of souls for Christ. As of today, Cru has become active in 190 countries and has trained up thousands of disciples in programs, sent relief to millions of people in times of disaster, including the 9/11 tragedy, and has continued to keep Jesus the highest priority. Currently in progress is the Jesus Film Project, an effort to reach as many people in various languages as possible to spread the Gospel. Read more about Cru’s impeccable milestones.


Maranda Dawn King, one of KW’s very own, has experienced life within Cru. For some time, she was more than a staff member; she was the President of the Anderson University (AU) division her sophomore and junior years of college. Some of the tasks she oversaw were organizing weekly meetings, leading Bible studies, encouraging campus outreach, and arranging frequent connections between her Cru and other campuses’ Cru.

“I was exposed to a lot of different expressions of faith,” she explains about the interdenominational organization. “It was my first real exposure to people walking deeply with the Holy Spirit.” She admits that being a part of this group can be a real challenge and faith stretcher for everyone, herself included. One example is the sheer fact it takes a large sum of money to reach fundraising expectations for campus and summer projects, but the former AU Cru president remembers God always providing what was needed.

In the midst of campus activities, King also recalls the intense focus on discipleship. It wasn’t uncommon for you to be discipling someone while having someone disciple you. “Their main goal is to disciple people to look like Jesus. I know that I look more like Him today because of Cru,” she says with certainty.

Despite the years in ministry and the thousands of Cru staff and hours that have gone into seeing the gospel preached, there is still more work to be done. They are relentlessly reaching the world for Jesus, and the momentum never waivers.

As long as there are hungry souls seeking for a holy visitation from the Lord, Cru will continue to spread the love and message of Jesus. “Cru is extremely focused on…. sharing Christ from a place of knowing Him. They always want any show of love to be an overflow from Christ’s love in you,” King determines.

There have been revivals before, and there will be revivals again. Those that step out with boldness in obedience to the Lord will lead as examples to those of all generations, every race, male and female.

All it takes is one person’s faith to accrue thousands of others for the Kingdom, and it may very well be the one who has a God encounter while studying late at night in his or her dorm room.



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