How to Make Sense of These Wild Days We are Living In

I believe the house of cards will fall. I believe the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming…revival!

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This post will most likely have consequences, but I believe this to the depths so here goes…

If you don’t believe that politics (global happenings and maneuvering) doesn’t tie in with Scripture or faith, might I pose this quote to you by the Dutch Theologian, Abraham Kuyper:

There’s not one square inch of the entire universe where Christ, who is sovereign above all, does not claim, MINE.”

I’d also like to pitch something out to you that might ruffle feathers. Yes, this passage below speaks to our everyday trouble and suffering. But we must not miss the global, macro-level truth here:

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

At the very same time, the enemy of God’s perfect, sovereign plan, is attempting to wreak havoc. And, if we {as those who walk in the light by the wisdom of the Spirit of the Living God Ephesians 5}, don’t walk in clarity and vision this enemy will have his way. 

This real and present enemy finds his playground in your normal, every day, AND in the grand, global, macro-level. If I say this a thousand times, I will say it once more:

Just because we as normal {yet sinful} people don’t have the purview to see the swirl of the darkness in our world, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

AND just because we, as the American church, have not made space for the glory, power, might of the Living God to have His fullness in our world, doesn’t mean God’s glory isn’t of the utmost reality.

Will we be complicit and stick our head in the sand while the Lord lifts His hand of blessing because we chose not to WAKE UP and see with clarity and vision the works of the enemy AND the GLORY of our God?

There is a spiritual battle and now is the time to turn from our self-focused gospel. Your personal salvation is God’s utmost desire, yes. But, the macro-level global restoration of His creation…that is God’s desire, too.

The battle is real whether we choose to have eyes to see it—this is my plea: wake up!

Don’t you see that as light-bearers—Image Bearers—when we allow a culture of murder in our nation to kill 60 million babies…this leaves us open to the real and present work of the enemy??

Don’t you see that systems and cultural norms to oppress and shackle is the work of the enemy? Racism is a very real and present darkness.

Don’t you see the enemy has his way when the church doesn’t rise up and step in with Gospel-centered, selfless serving, miracle ushering love of neighbor? Socialism shackles. Greed-ridden capitalism where Christians aren’t salt and light tills fertile ground for the enemy, too.

Don’t you see that we who claim Christ as Savior and Lord as the Way, Truth, Life…we are complicit in this real and present spiritual battle when we stick our head in the sand…when we sit on the couch of lame, apathetic faith.

Wake up church.

I believe the house of cards will fall. I believe the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming…revival! Restoration and reconciliation is His perfect plan. 

BUT, how long will He tarry if His people don’t WAKE UP? We are being played. The time is now to open our eyes. Let the Spirit of the Living God move through you. Repent: turn from your sin and toward God’s best. 

Hold the line. 

Jesus is on the move, will you miss it if you don’t WAKE UP?


Written by Sarah Francis Martin



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