How to Cope with this Pandemic when You’re Tired of It!

When the anxiety comes I acknowledge the feelings.  But I take a minute to think about the feelings.

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How are you handling the disruptions to your life? I think we are all curious about how other people are coping with this pandemic. We’ve never been through something like this before.  We want ideas on how we can cope. 

Let me tell you how I am coping.  I am applying my little steps to health during our current crisis.  These little steps are a big part of how I do life.

Little step # 1 is nutrition.  It’s so easy for me to want a little treat every day.  I guess I am rewarding myself for all the stress I’m dealing with.  But If I have a treat every day it’s not a treat then!  I am having a weekend treat instead.  It’s something to look forward to and really savor.

Because I am home all the time now it would be really easy for me to bake something sweet and yummy every day too.  I’m experimenting with a few new recipes that are nutrient-rich and yummy.  I’ll let you know how they turn out and share them if they are good.

The other thing I am doing these days is not buying junk food.  If it’s not in my house I can’t eat it.

I really do want to fuel my body with nutrient-rich foods.  I want to be healthy and well and fight off this virus if it comes close.  There has never been a better time to be aware of our nutrition and its impact on our health.

But hey I’m not super disciplined and some days a hot drink and something sweet to eat just makes life better and that’s O.K.

Little step # 2 is exercise.  Walking is a great stress reliever.  Now that spring is here it’s great to get outside for a daily walk.  Don is working from home so when his workday is done we go for a 45-minute walk together.  On rainy days I do a Leslie Sansone YouTube walk inside.

Little step # 3 – mind.  With this worldwide pandemic, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed with anxiety and stress.  I’ve noticed that it seems to come in waves.

On any given day I can be feeling safe and secure at one hour and an hour later I can feel worried and afraid.  All it takes is one news item or something on Facebook to bring on the waves of anxiety.

I’m guessing that I am not the only one feeling the waves.  Can you relate?

When the anxiety comes I acknowledge the feelings.  But I take a minute to think about the feelings.  Often they are related to the worst-case scenario.  When I put the best-case scenario back in my thoughts the anxiety diminishes.

Not letting the negative thoughts control my mind has made a big difference in how long I stay in the place of anxiety.

The other thing I am doing is reading some fun fiction books.  A good book always takes my mind off the real world.  I get refreshed and energized when I read a good book.  I downloaded an app. from my local library and have read digital copies for free!

Little step #4 – spirit.  We are all spiritual beings. I believe God created us and wants to have a relationship with all of us.  My faith in God is my stronghold in these uncertain times.  Praying to God gives me the strength to keep going.  I tell God my worries and struggles.  Then I leave my worries and struggles in His hands.

When I read the Bible I see how God has been at work in the lives of people throughout history.  I especially like to read the Psalms.  David writes a lot of the book of Psalms.  David wrote from his heart when he was stressed, worried, and fearing for his life.

Yesterday I found comfort in these words:

I have set the LORD always before me.  Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.  Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure. Psalm 16:7-8


I have these verses printed out.  I keep them on my kitchen table where I see them often.  These words give me hope and peace.

So that’s how I am coping – with attention to little steps to health.  I hope you are encouraged to make some healthy choices too.



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