How H.O.P.E. Kids Is Bridging A Gap

H.O.P.E. Kids exists to raise adoption rates and lower abortion rates by working together. The mission is to provide women considering abortion with another option—adoption.

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“Yelling and screaming hateful & hurtful things at each other only causes more damage to an already broken society and system. Let’s be a generation of change.” 

– Heather Mellott (Founder of H.O.P.E. Kids)


The Issues

Abortion is a hot topic in our culture today. While there are many reasons a woman might consider an abortion, fear of having no other option seems to be a common starting point. 

There are also millions of women all over the world struggling through infertility and miscarriages. While they face the disappointment of not being able to have a child, they are also faced with the financial burden of considering adoption. Women in this scenario may also feel as though they have no real options. 

How do we bring hope to what may seem like a hopeless situation? 


Small Beginnings

While sitting at her work desk, Heather Mellott had a vision for a new app that could potentially bring a major shift to the world’s pro-life/pro-choice dilemma. Piecing together quick flashes of images and thoughts, she was prompted by God to initiate H.O.P.E. (helping other people exist) Kids, an app that bridges the gap between adoption and abortion. 

Suddenly, Heather understood why God led her to get a degree in Non-Profit Organizational Management and why He had placed her in specific jobs that taught her marketing and child development. All of the small beginnings were a part of God’s plan all along. Today, she continues to encourage others who may feel stuck in small beginnings to trust that God is using every step in the process for His ultimate glory. 


How H.O.P.E. Kids Works

H.O.P.E. Kids exists to raise adoption rates and lower abortion rates by working together. The mission is to provide women considering abortion with another option—adoption—and to bring down costs to little or nothing for families wanting to adopt. This all works by using the H.O.P.E. Kids app which connects families who cannot conceive with women in their area who are considering placing their babies in a loving home. Through generous donations and sponsorship programs, this connection can even happen for those who think they can’t afford adoption. 


Programs & Services

Not only does H.O.P.E. Kids strive to assist women during an unplanned pregnancy, but they also provide helpful programs after the pregnancy and for those transitioning into life after adoption. Currently, they are in the process of creating a nationwide database of churches, professionals, and businesses that are willing to help make these programs possible. 

Find out more by visiting:


Bridging a Gap

As a Christian, it is our duty to go into the deep, dark, and ugly parts of this world and bring light and love,” Heather explains. We must be willing to do something when a need arises. We can all help in different ways to bring hope and love to the millions of hurting women in our world. Consider partnering with H.O.P.E. Kids today through your prayers and/or donations. The bridge can only be built if people decide to build it.


How To Get Involved

  1. If you’re a woman who feels like you’re out of options, let H.O.P.E. Kids help you find a new option! Download the app for more info:
  2. If you’re able to donate to help someone with an unplanned pregnancy or to sponsor an adoptive family, you can visit the following links., and
  3. Lastly, internships are available for those interested in helping more directly, specifically in graphic design, marketing, and administrative work. If interested, email your resume to [email protected].
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