How Does God See Me?

God takes great delight in you, and like a mother rocking her child to sleep, he rejoices over you with singing.

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Have you ever asked yourself, “How does God see me?”  Your ideas about the way God sees you will radically impact your ability to connect with him in a close, loving relationship.  Let’s explore this idea together today.


How Does God See Me?

We inch closer to the creek beneath the silver arms of the sycamores.  Expectantly, we walk to the bend where the water pools in shades of ethereal emerald, and the little boy at my side wiggles with excitement.  He holds a stale piece of bread.  We’re going to feed it to the minnows today, and sweet Aiden is beside himself with excitement.

He squeals in delight as he throws a tiny piece of crust into the water, and the bread is immediately devoured by dozens of hungry minnows.

I watch in delight as he meticulously throws the bread into the water—one snippet at a time—and I think about how much I cherish him.

I’ll be the first to admit that cherishing every moment of motherhood has not been my reality.  But I’ve also learned to savor the sporadic moments when I find the space to marvel at my precious children.

Despite my inability to cherish every moment, I’m reminded that just as I cherish my children, God is filled with pleasure and joy when he looks at me.

When you wonder, “How does God see me,” imagine your most precious loved one.

As we begin today, imagine the face of the person who is most precious to you.  You might imagine the face of your child, spouse, dearest friend, beloved grandparent, or someone who offered grace to you in a time of need.

Now, savor everything you love about this precious person.  Allow yourself to reflect on wonderful memories together, the warmth of your loved one’s smile, and everything you cherish about this special person.  Consider the joy this person brings to your life, and imagine how empty and heartbroken you would feel without the light of your loved one’s presence in your life.

When I imagine my most precious loved one, my three children come to mind.  They are each precious to me in their own ways.  I often remember the days when they were infants, and I would hold them through the long hours of the night and sing over them.  Despite my exhaustion, I cherished them, took delight in them, and even rejoiced over them with singing through the night.


Loved and Cherished

After our first child was born, I remember looking at her miraculous body and delighting in every part of her. The intricacy of her tiny fingernails and her long, wispy eyelashes amazed me.  I’d never experienced such overwhelming love, and in an instant, my perception of God was changed forever.

I was stunned by the realization that God loves me, delights in me, and cherishes me even more than I could ever cherish my newborn daughter.  Suddenly, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the sacrifice God made when Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  I would never allow anyone to touch a hair on my precious child’s head.  And yet God loves us so much that he allowed Jesus to die and take the punishment we deserve.  This is mind-blowing love!

Reflect on the way you feel about your most precious loved one.

How does it make you feel when you imagine God gazing upon you with even greater love?

The next time you look at your most precious loved one, remind yourself that God loves you more than you love the most cherished person in your life.  He takes great delight in you, and like a mother rocking her child to sleep, he rejoices over you with singing.

An Invitation to Approach God With the Question: “How does God see me?”

Close your eyes and imagine that the Lord is holding you in his arms as he sings over you.  Lean into the warmth of his embrace.  Soak in his love.  Let his love wash over you.  He wants to heal you, uplift you, and energize you through the power of his love.  Stay here for a few minutes before you continue with your day.  God loves this time with you.  You are precious to him.


As for me, I sit by the water with my little boy until the bread is gone.  We push trucks through the sand, build castles, and enjoy the sunshine.  I’m reminded of the love the Father has lavished upon me, and my heart is filled.


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