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Divine appointments are placed all over in your future, in front of you, only the Holy Spirit can navigate a course to steer your ship right into each of them!

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I can remember years ago when the Holy Spirit had spoken to me about what He had planned for my life. He showed me what my future would be and where He would take me and I said, “Lord, when is all of this going to happen?” Moments later the Holy Spirit, very quietly, said to me, “It will happen as you follow My Leading in Obedience and Give Me the Wheel!”

Like many others out there I originally thought, that somehow, God was just going to cause those things to take place in front of me Miraculously and that all I’d have to do is walk into them.

While I have run into certain occasions where the power of God has moved Sovereignly upon my behalf, I realized that most of the time the Holy Spirit was trying to steer me into those places of blessing rather than just drop them in my path, but unless I stepped away from the STEERING WHEEL He wouldn’t take the helm for me!

While we are used to the way that the enemy of our souls operates, (because he tries to take everything away from us by force), the Holy Spirit will not steer your course for you unless you relinquish control of your Life to Him. 

I think I was expecting the Holy Spirit to operate more forcefully (like the enemy) and push my personal will aside somehow for my own good, but I realized that that’s simply not in His Character. 

I had to voluntarily choose to release control of the steering wheel of my life to Him and allow Him to change my course, (randomly), and often at a Moments notice, otherwise I would miss critical encounters that He had set up for me going forwards.

These Encounters are what I refer to as “Divine Appointments”. While these Divine Appointments are placed all over in your future, in front of you, only the Holy Spirit can navigate a course to steer your ship right into each of them!

I haven’t yet learned how to release complete control of my Helm to Him yet, though and I shudder to think of how many of those appointments that I’ve steered a course around, but the more that I have given Him the Helm, the more of those Appointments He has steered me right into!

Don’t make the same mistakes that I did years ago! Tell the Holy Spirit to take the Wheel at the Helm of your life! Let Him steer your course for you from here forwards and watch Him Steer you right into God’s Promises, Provision and Power! He’s the only One with the schedule for your Appointments!


“FOR I KNOW THE THOUGHTS AND PLANS THAT I HAVE FOR YOU, says the Lord, thoughts, and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.” Jeremiah 29:11




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