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God does not waver as the world does, and His reign is forever set apart from all other attempts to reign.

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“Your royal decrees cannot be changed. The nature of your reign, O LORD, is holiness forever.” – Psalm 93:5 (ESV)

Holiness. This word is important in the life of Jesus, but have you taken the time to dig a little deeper into the meaning of God’s holy reign and understand how to incorporate holiness (more) into your daily living?

All children of God desire to be holy, but what do true holiness and being (holy) look like?

Holy means consecrated and set apart (sacred), and although there are many counterfeit (worldly) applications of what holiness is, authentic (godly) holiness is a dedication to the service of the one (true), living God. No matter what the world (flesh) decrees to be holy or its understanding of what holiness is (no matter how good it may look), we must remember that it is God Himself who created this condition in the first place.

To be Holy is a quality that is pure and something that provides a sacred space or place created by the Creator. In the Bible, holiness is used in a variety of settings for numerous events, occasions, and explanations, but what does it mean that the nature of God’s reign is— holiness forever? And, what does the holiness of God really look like? Can we truly become holy and reflect God’s holiness, like Jesus did?

When you are a child of God, you can freely become a reflection of who Jesus is— because God declares His glory in all of creation, and part of that creation is YOU!

If you think about the attributes (the nature) of God, we know, as Scripture tells us, that His nature equals a complete and whole love. He is love. So if love describes who our King is to the full extent, then holiness describes that love as pure, whole, and complete (lacking nothing). This means that God’s reign is also these things and that His beautiful promises are forever pure (holy).

God does not waver as the world does, and His reign is forever set apart from all other attempts to reign. Just like He is, God’s reign is the embodiment of holiness, and will forever remain pure, loving, everlasting, never changing, infinite, and true.

So, how can we reflect anything like the nature of God’s holiness and understand His reign more clearly?

One answer to this question is that Jesus is clothed with holiness, majesty, righteousness, and strength. Therefore, we, too— can be clothed in this heavenly attire! When we are His, we no longer have to cling to the things of the past, for it is no longer ours— He takes it and redeems all of it. When we accept the gift of the Holy Spirit, we take on the nature of God because we are officially His child (a royal priesthood), and can be filled with this pure (holy), love— we can become the bearer of His holiness. It is in doing this that we can better understand how His reign is (holiness forever).

No, it is not always easy or simple to show the nature of God, but it is possible! Jesus has given us so many tools to combat the fleshly habits and worldly counterfeits, we just have to hold His hand and get to know Him better, for— He has already promised to forever be near us and to always provide instruction along the way.

God’s reign is both holy and powerful. He gives you armor that makes you strong against His enemies (which are also your enemies). Do not fear because there is no greater power than the one, true, and holy—living God.


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