He’s Healing Your Wounds and Removing Your Scars

Jesus paid for your Healing, your Peace, and your Restoration.

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Pretty much everyone I know has been wounded by someone in their life at one time or another. A Friend, family member, colleague, or even a circumstance that took place which has created wounds in our lives. There are even those whose wounds were self-inflicted, but God can heal and restore them all!

I saw in the Spirit realm what appeared to be not fresh wounds but old wounds, scars from situations that were long over and gone. Many of these Marks (or scars) were left, not just upon the Bodies of those who have received them, but upon their Hearts as well.

These scars upon the heart went deep into the lives of those who received them, so deep in fact that they were still being affected by them years later. The physical pain may have subsided, but the emotional trauma and the memory that they caused is still holding many in imprisonment to the Past.

The Lord is touching, not only the emotional pain and trauma, but He’s removing the scars completely from your life! Holy Spirit is doing heart surgery for many of you who may not realize you are still being affected by these things.

As I watched the Lord removing emotional trauma from someone’s heart, it was as though He was massaging their heart with warm oil, and through the process of this massage, the wounds were healed, and the scars vanished as though they had never happened.

The Pain was gone, the trauma was gone, and while the memories remained, the effects of those memories were now different. The tests of their past became the testimonies of Today! God changed their future into a bright new day and removed the clouds of depression, oppression, and fear from the Past!

The Stripes of Jesus paid it all! He paid for your Healing, your Peace, and your Restoration. It was for this Reason that the Son of God was made manifest, TO DESTROY (OR TO UNDO) the works of the devil. He’s not just Healing your fresh wounds which are recently made; He’s Going To Heal even the memory within your Physical Bodies of them (Scars)!

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement [needful to obtain] peace and well-being for us was upon Him, AND WITH THE STRIPES [THAT WOUNDED] HIM WE ARE HEALED AND MADE WHOLE.” Isaiah 53:5

You’re being made Whole! If you’ve been plagued by the scars of your past, get ready, as the Holy Spirit is not only healing your emotional pain, but He’s even removing the Scars on your heart as well! BE MADE WHOLE IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME!


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